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Plug vetted, experienced, remote developers into your team!

Build your ideal dev team flexibly with intelligently matched remote developers across tech stacks when and how you need them to develop a stellar software product for your business. 

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  • IR35 Friendly Devs
  • Risk Free Intro Period
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Fast, Flexible

No need to waste time searching and interviewing programmers. Build your squad of pre-vetted remote developers across tech stacks in two weeks.

Never worry about working with the wrong remote team. We take out the guesswork and use our smart matching system to match you with the right talents for your software development project.

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Top Quality

Get matched with culturally and technically fit devs to work on your project. When you work with us, we build your team with the best remote developers.

We have thousands of pre-vetted devs that are individually screened to ensure they have the right technical and soft skills before they can submit a project brief.

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At Deazy, we not only help you form your remote team, but we also help you build a working software product.

Our experienced in-house delivery managers oversee each project to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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“The quality and flexibility of development teams from Deazy have helped support us across multiple product roadmaps. The augmented developers have integrated seamlessly into the internal teams from both a culture and capability perspective, and they've all quickly added value.”

Colin Woods CTO at the RAC

“Deazy’s developers play a vital role in the delivery of Orderbee. The flexibility of their teams and speedy onboarding process, allowed us to start adding value to our business quickly, free up in-house resources when we needed them, and continue delivering our new product alongside our client pipeline.”

Nick Holroyd-Doveton Managing Director, Orderbee

“Contextual advertising can be profitable. It can either pay for your hosting and maintenance costs for you website or it can pay for a lot more.”

Marc Narbeth - Fast Keys Director
Marc Narbeth Director at FKS

Developer profiles

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Mobile Developer Location: Mexico

Gabriel is a Java developer working at a tech house in Mexico City. He enjoys working on complex back-end development projects.

Experience 5 years
Availability Full-time
Experience in
Java Vue.js Android
Screenshot 2022-02-07 at 17.02.17


Senior Developer Location: Poland

Jan is a Java developer working from Warsaw, Poland. He enjoys working on support and maintenance Java projects.

Experience 7 years
Availability Full-time
Experience in
Java .NET Node


Mobile Developer Location: Poland

Szymon is a mobile developer with 10+ years experience working with a large variety of tech stacks, including React Native and Vue.

Experience 5 years
Availability Full-time
Experience in
React / React Native Vue Angular

Stellar Java developers on-demand

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Hiring Java Developers with Deazy:

As Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1

Tell us your project requirements

Get started by telling the experts. Using our on-site briefing flow, you can chat about your project requirements with one of our team members.

Step 2

Get estimates and proposals

After telling us your project requirements, you will get an estimate via the Deazy platform. Also, you can view the project estimation, pick the best remote developers and build your squad.

Step 3

Project kick-off

After getting the details and estimate for your project, you hire a remote team of devs within two weeks. Our expert remote developers will handle everything while you sit back and relax.

Consultancy Specialising in Organisational Change - Full Build

Fresh build of a platform to facilitate and manage custom workplace surveys, using question banks. The survey results were visualised by our design team to create intuitive displays.

Java Javascript React Spring
Backend Webflow
Dev delivery:
6 months Ukraine Ukraine
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Full build

European Automotive Scale-up - Support & Maintenance

Continuous improvement programme working on new feature development, scalability, localisation and bug fixing for a digital garage platform.

Java Javascript PHP CodeIgniter
Android Backend Web
Key integrations:
ADG (Vehicle Data Provider)
Dev delivery:
Ongoing Poland Poland
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Full build

Iconic Global Soft Drink Brand - Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement for a mobile app enabling consumers to 'mix' multiple soft drinks and create their own unique drink at fast food soft drinks dispensers.

Java Objective C
Mobile (Native)
Key integrations:
Dev delivery:
1 month Poland Poland
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Full build

Premium Sports Events Concierge Service Start-up

Design, creation and build of a premium concierge platform used for corporate entertainment at sports events.

Java Javascript React Spring React Native
Backend Mobile (Cross-platform) Web
Dev delivery:
6 months Poland Poland
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Full build

World War 2 Memorial Centre

Creation of an application used to guide users around a memorial center and augment their experience through exclusive mobile content.

Java Swift
Mobile (Native)
Dev delivery:
6 months Ukraine Ukraine
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Full build

Find Remote Developers for Your Project 

No matter the technology used or the complexity, we have expert remote devs in our ecosystem capable of handling any software development project. 

iOS Developers

Our iOS developers have in-depth knowledge of the iOS ecosystem and how it works on different Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch. You can hire a team of remote iOS programmers to build your apps. 

Android Developers

Android developers are responsible for building apps for devices powered by the Android operating system. Our Android programmers have a good knowledge of all the phases of the Android development process. 

Umbraco Developers

Our Umbraco programmers are responsible for developing beautiful and responsive web applications and APIs with Umbraco CMS. You can hire a remote team of Umbraco developers with Deazy.

React Developers

React developers design and build user interfaces and UI components with React, a JavaScript front-end library. They are also responsible for maintaining the React-based web applications. To build your project, you can form a squad of remote React developers from our ecosystem. 

Front-end Developers

Front-end devs architect and build websites and applications using technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript and frameworks and libraries like Bootstrap, React, Vue, etc. You can hire a team of front-end programmers from Deazy. 

Back-end Developers

Our back-end devs build and maintain the mechanism that powers your web application from behind the scene. They are skilled in back-end technologies like Python, PHP, Java, etc., data storage, APIs, security and other server-side tasks. 

WordPress Developers 

Our WordPress developers specialise in developing websites and applications with WordPress. They use a combination of code and visual editor to make responsive and aesthetically pleasing custom WordPress themes and plugins. 

Full-stack Developers

Full-stack programmers use front and back-end technologies like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Python, Java and frameworks to build web applications. Kickstart your project with our team of remote full-stack developers. 

How Deazy Work with You

Full Project Build 

From building the front and back-end to developing APIs, databases and servers that make your web application work, our team will build a complete software product that is perfect for your business. 

Team Augmentation 

Need to fill a skill gap within your in-house team? You can build a squad consisting of programmers across stacks and plug it with your existing in-house team.

Code Review

Looking for devs to review your code? Our team of remote developers can assess quality and review source code to identify bugs and increase quality.

Continuous Improvement

We can continuously monitor the performance of your web application and gather data, which we will use to improve its efficiency. 

Support & Maintenance

Our developers can provide ongoing support and maintenance by keeping your website up-to-date and ensuring it runs smoothly. 

Benefits of Hiring a Team of Remote Developers

Hiring a team of remote developers from Deazy comes with lots of benefits. Here are a few. 

Access to a Pool of Talents

One setback of hiring in-house devs is the shortage of local talents. This means you will have to invest your time and resources to find the right programmer if you limit your search to your location. Hiring remote developers solves that problem! You get access to a pool of talents and work with stellar nearshore developers whenever you want. 

Augment Your In-house Team

Engaging remote devs makes it easy to build a squad that you can easily plug in with your existing in-house team. Remote developers can successfully bridge skills deficits in your organisation and can fill in for competitive tasks that require rare skills. 

Faster Development 

Hiring in-house programmers is not an option if you want to build an MVP fast. It requires time and resources to find the right fit! But when you hire remote programmers, you onboard and kickstart your project in less time. Your software product will be ready for the market faster than you think. 


Your business needs good infrastructure where full-time programmers will work. However, engaging a remote team of developers saves you enormous costs for IT infrastructure, office space and much more. With remote programmers no need to pay for additional expenses like internet, meal, vacation, etc.

Focus on Your Core Business

For businesses with non-tech founders, hiring a team of remote software developers is the best option because it offers much-needed flexibility. You let the experts handle the build (scoping, project management, coding, testing, continuous monitoring and improvement) while you focus on your core business activities. 

Overall Improvement in Efficiency

When you hire developers that work remotely, the whole responsibility to deliver the software product goes to the partner, who will do everything to meet all the requirements. 

Why Build Your Team of Remote Developers with Deazy 

From getting nearshore developers to a project delivery manager and working with devs across tech stacks, building your dream team with Deazy makes development easy. 

We have various engagement models available to ensure that you get access to intelligently matched nearshore developers. And you get matched with devs in the same or similar time zone. Also, our devs are screened to ensure they have the same cultural fit as your business. 

Organising and managing a development project is not an easy task. Thanks to our in-house delivery managers, we will help you manage your remote team, ensuring they deliver a product that meets your needs. 

We have thousands of devs in our ecosystem, from e-commerce development to mobile apps, web applications and AI projects; our remote developers cut across tech stacks. This makes it possible to form your ideal team, no matter the complexity of your project because our algorithm matches you with the right skills and experience. 

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What Does a Team of Developers Consist of?

A typical development team structure includes a product owner, business analyst, project manager, designer, software architect, developer, QA and DevOps engineer.

How Do I Hire a Remote Team?

To hire a remote team, you must describe your project requirements (technical and soft skills), choose an engagement model and use the right nearshore development company to build your squad.