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Plug vetted, specialist Back-end developers into your squad, flexibly!

Hire intelligently matched Back-end developers from vetted nearshore teams, when you need them, to flexibly deliver your build across tech stacks.
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Build your product faster a Back-end dev squads.

Start delivering your digital projects and discover just how easy development can be with vetted, certified Java developers and development teams.

Onboard a team that suits you in as little as 2 weeks, with access to 5000+ pre-screened experts, and never worry about capacity or capability again.

Our developers are typically placed on a 3, 6 or 12 month basis with discounts for longer commitments.

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Start working with vetted Back-end
developers in just 2 weeks.

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Initiate the process by providing your project details.

Fill out our simple on-site briefing flow and chat through your
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Receive project proposals and estimates via our platform.

View your project estimate, screen potential candidates and find the
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Project commencement!

Get a Back-end developer or whole team working on your project in as little as
two weeks. Now all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch Deazy
do what we do best - making development easy!

What is Back-end Development?

Back-end developers are the experts who build and maintain the mechanisms that process data and perform actions on websites. Unlike front-end developers, who control everything visible on a website, back-end developers are involved in data storage, security, and other server-side functions that users cannot see.

Back-end developers ensure the website performs correctly, focusing on databases, back-end logic, application programming interface (APIs), architecture, and servers. They use code that helps browsers communicate with databases, store, understand, and delete data.

A brief outline of the main technologies in a back-end developer’s toolbox are

Programming Languages

Python, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, C# are some of the more common programming languages used in back-end development.  Although developers may be more fluent in some over others, they will have a working knowledge of these basic Languages.

Programming Frameworks

PHP and JavaScript frameworks are used by back-end developers to quickly create server-side applications using readymade components.  Frameworks for back-end development include Laravel for PHP applications and Node.JS for server-side JavaScript. 

There are others like Django, Spring and Meteor. A good back-end developer will be able to help you identify the best framework for your project.


Back-end developers work proficiently with Databases, the most common of which are MySQL, MongoDB and Oracle.  Navigating and communicating with databases to produce the best results is a foundational skill of the back-end developers.


Back-end or server-side development means that developers will have familiarity with specific servers. Sometimes these developers will only work in certain languages, such as Apache or Linux. They might also be specialists in one area, such as Microsoft IIS.

While the role of the back-end developer appears to be ‘behind the scenes’, the work they do server side produces results that are displayed on the front end of applications. Their work on a database process will impact how content is displayed to individual users, as well as how data is retrieved or organised behind an application on a website. This means they have a significant impact on any project.

Why Hire Back-end Developers?

There are benefits to hiring back-end developers rather than using different developers for each component part of the application.  

For instance, hiring a JavaScript developer and a database specialist adds additional complexity and cost to a project.  While there may be instances where this approach will make sense, it is always wise to consider a single developer for continuity and simplicity. 

A skilled and experienced Back-end developer can build powerful applications that power interactive, intelligent websites and applications. By choosing to work with a single back-end specialist you will also have to think less about the issue of fitting different parts together.  

Efficient storage and delivery of information

Server-side programming provides the ability to store information in a database and dynamically construct and return HTML and other types of files for rendering by appropriate client-side web frameworks.  This reduces the processing burden on the server and the amount of data that needs to be sent. 

An additional benefit of this back-end programming is that because the information is in a database, it can easily be shared and updated with other business systems.  For example, if a shop has both online and in-store inventory, they can use a database to keep track of all existing inventory, which can then automatically calculate available for online customers. 

Customising User Experiences

Server-side programming is very useful because it allows for efficient delivery of information tailored for individual users. This creates a much better user experience. 

Servers can store and use information about users to provide a personalised front-end experience. One of the most common examples of this is eCommerce platforms storing payment details and addresses - to help speed up checkout.

Content Access control

Server-side programming allows sites to restrict access to authorised users and serve only the information that a user is permitted to see. For example, membership sites with different membership levels can be created on the back-end.

Troubleshooting & Debugging

Back-end developers with their knowledge and expertise of the various languages, frameworks, databases and servers, can determine the best tech stacks for a particular project. They are able to write high quality code that is clean and easily maintainable across all the various tools in use. 

Part of this expertise extends to quality assurance and testing. A back-end developer can oversee testing, troubleshoot, resolve bugs and issues, and can communicate this process directly to a project manager, stakeholder or QA team. 

A skilled back-end developer has knowledge of all the appropriate tools and frameworks and can make sure the best one for a particular project is used.  Additionally, by using a dedicated back-end developer there are benefits post project launch when a project requires ongoing maintenance or needs to scale.

Why use Deazy to hire Back-end Developers? 

Demand for Back-end Developers is high, due to the benefits their multi-skilled approach can bring to a development team, however not all back-end developers are equal. Ensuring the correct skill set in a prospective hire is paramount as not all may be familiar with every aspect of the expanding tools available to them. What’s more, in the ever changing tech landscape, developers with up to date skills are hard to find.

With a limited pool of certified developers and massive demand for the skillset, hiring high quality back-end certified developers is not only a time-consuming task but can also be an expensive affair.  Attracting the best talent from the available pool is crucial to the success of an ambitious development roadmap.

Deazy’s unique, limitless ecosystem of pre-vetted, nearshore back-end developers ensures you get access to intelligently matched, flexible talent. Whether you are looking to start a new project from scratch or to augment an existing in-house team, Deazy provides flexible access to top talent from 60+ tech stacks, including certified back-end developers. 

Deazy’s unique team-matching algorithm allows us to match your project or team augmentation requirements with developers who have experience in similar fields, prefer similar type engagements and enjoy working in your preferred team structure. 

Deazy also screens all their teams for culture, comms, tech knowledge and certification, before adding them to Deazy’s ecosystem of available candidates. Any candidates who apply to your projects have already been approved as legitimate, and qualified. This means our team saves you time finding reliable back-end developers who are well suited for your project before you even review CVs and project briefs.

What businesses are best suited to work with Deazy?
Our core Deazy team work hybrid, connected to 3 hubs across the UK, in our Bristol HQ, London and Exeter offices. Our global development teams are based across 24 countries, the majority in nearshore European countries.

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