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Start Your Blockchain Development Project with a Team Built for You

Let our dedicated blockchain devs handle your project and deliver your digital roadmap according to your business requirements. 

At Deazy, you can hire and onboard certified blockchain developers within two weeks and eliminate the hassle of finding expert talent. 

Our pros are pre-screened for technical and soft skills and cultural fit so that they will integrate seamlessly with your organisation. 

You can place our devs on a 3, 6 or 12-month contract and get discounts when you hire longer. 

Quick and Easy Hire

Get started in less than two weeks when you hire from us.

Top Quality Developers Only

You work with the best of the best blockchain programmers.

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We help you manage your project at every stage.


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Hiring Deazy's Blockchain Developers Is as Easy as Pie

Is Easy!


Brief our team on your project.

You can use our onsite briefing flow to chat about your requirements with a member of our team who will assist you all the way. 


Estimates and proposals.

Get your project estimates and review proposals sent by our blockchain developers, all using our AI-powered platform. 


Project kick-off!

Engage dedicated blockchain devs or build a squad in less than two weeks and enjoy faster software development when you hire from Deazy.

What Is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a decentralised digital ledger that facilitates secure and transparent recording of transactions and data. 

It is based on a distributed database that stores information in blocks linked together in a chronological chain. 

In a blockchain, each block contains a set of records, and once a block is added to the chain, it cannot be altered or deleted without network consensus.

What Is Blockchain Used For?

Blockchain technology has many applications beyond just cryptocurrencies. Here are some common uses of blockchain:

  • Cryptocurrencies. The most well-known use of blockchain is in creating and maintaining digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others.
  • Supply chain management. It can track goods and products as they move through the supply chain, enabling greater transparency, accountability and efficiency.
  • Digital identity verification. Developers can use blockchain to securely store and verify digital identities, helping to prevent fraud and identity theft.
  • Smart contracts. Programmers can use it to create smart contracts with the agreement terms directly written into lines of code. This helps automate business processes and reduce the need for intermediaries.
  • Decentralised finance (DeFi). DeFi is a rapidly growing area of blockchain applications that aims to replace traditional financial intermediaries with decentralised platforms that offer greater transparency, efficiency and accessibility.
  • Healthcare. Healthcare providers can use blockchain to securely store and share medical records, giving patients greater control over their healthcare data while ensuring it remains private and secure.

What Is a Blockchain Developer?

A blockchain developer is a specialist responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining blockchain systems that can be used for various applications.

The job of a blockchain developer can be quite complex, as they need to have a deep knowledge of blockchain technology, cryptography and distributed systems. 

Also, the developer needs strong programming skills in languages like Java, Python, and C++ and experience with smart contract languages like Solidity.

The specific responsibilities of a blockchain developer vary depending on the task they are working on, but they generally involve:

  • Designing and developing blockchain solutions. This involves building systems and applications using various blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger, etc.
  • Writing smart contracts. The developers must write code for smart contracts using languages like Solidity and manage their execution on the blockchain.
  • Integrating blockchain technology with existing systems. They must often integrate blockchain technology with existing systems and applications to create seamless and efficient processes.
  • Maintaining and updating blockchain systems. Like any other software, blockchain systems require maintenance and updates to ensure continued operation and security.
  • Collaborating with other developers and stakeholders. Blockchain developers must work closely with other experts like project managers, QA engineers and stakeholders to ensure that blockchain solutions meet the organisation's or client's needs.

Skills of a Blockchain Developer 

Before hiring a blockchain developer, you should ensure the expert has the skills to work on your project. Here are some skills to consider. 

  • Strong programming skills

A blockchain developer must have a solid foundation in programming languages like Java, Python, and C++ and experience with smart contract languages like Solidity.

  • Familiarity with blockchain platforms

The expert must be familiar with blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger and Corda.

  • Understanding of cryptography

A good understanding of cryptography is essential for a blockchain developer to be able to design and implement secure blockchain solutions.

  • Knowledge of distributed systems

Since blockchain is a distributed system, the developer must understand distributed systems and networking.

  • Familiarity with decentralised applications (DApps)

The developer must be familiar with creating decentralised applications, including DApp development frameworks and storage solutions.

  • Experience with blockchain development tools

A blockchain developer must have experience with tools like Truffle, Remix and Ganache.

  • Solid knowledge of smart contracts 

A smart contract is self-executing, with the agreement terms directly written into lines of code. Therefore, a blockchain developer must have experience with smart contract development and testing.

  • Knowledge of blockchain architecture

The developer must understand how a blockchain works, including its architecture and consensus mechanisms, such as proof of work and stake.

  • Problem-solving skills

The programmer must be able to think critically and creatively to solve complex problems and come up with innovative solutions.

Why Hire Blockchain Developers?

Blockchain developers can provide valuable services to a business or organisation in many ways. They can develop custom blockchain solutions tailored to specific business needs. 

Aside from that, the developers can integrate blockchain technology with existing systems and applications to improve efficiency and protect against security threats. 

Blockchain programmers can develop solutions that automate processes and reduce costs. 

Additionally, they can create blockchain solutions that promote transparency and accountability in various industries. 

Hire Blockchain Developers with Deazy 

At Deazy, we only work with top-notch blockchain developers with the right technical expertise and work culture. Each of our developers undergoes rigorous screening to ensure exceptional coding skills, communication and cultural fit.

We offer flexible hiring models that can be customised to meet your business needs. Whether you want to add our blockchain developers to your team, build a dedicated dev squad or hire a single developer, we have got you covered!

With our solution, you can enjoy the freedom of no fixed costs and only pay for the services you need. Hiring blockchain developers with Deazy means faster and higher-quality software development. Ready to build your next blockchain project? Feel free to give us a call.

Where do I hire blockchain software developers?

There are many platforms where you can find blockchain developers for hire. However, hiring dedicated blockchain devs from Deazy is the best option because you can find experts with the right tech and soft skills.

What skills should a blockchain developer have?
A blockchain developer should have a strong understanding of blockchain technology and programming languages such as Solidity, JavaScript, and C++ and experience developing smart contracts, dApps and blockchain platforms.

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