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Deazy X FastKeys

Upgrading eCommerce Platforms with Ease


Learn how Deazy works with eCommerce specialists to create high conversion sites.

Deazy x Fast Keys at a Glance:

Fast Keys Services is the UK’s leading specialist in key and lock replacement. The company focuses on speed and efficiency, as they understand that key replacements and lock maintenance is often an urgent task. With a focus on fast delivery and ease of purchase, Fast Keys wanted to ensure that their online purchasing experience can be as efficient as possible.

By collaborating with Deazy to augment their existing in-house development team - FastKeys were able to complete their bespoke tech upgrades across their eCommerce site with us, improve their user experience and continually improve existing features.


Why Fast Keys Services chose to work with Deazy

Before working with Deazy, FastKeys hired 2 freelance developers to help them migrate their bespoke platform to a new digital infrastructure. The migration was part of an ambitious digital development roadmap which would help the team automate key tasks and lighten their internal workload.

Unfortunately, like many other businesses working with freelance developers, Fast Keys quickly began experiencing issues and delays. Due to FastKeys’ bespoke needs and a lack of clear reporting, the company was unable to get an overview of what was being planned, delivered and tested by their 3rd party developers.

As key milestones began to be delayed, FastKeys struggled to keep up with their initial timeline. While the project was eventually completed, it was delivered over two and a half years later than expected.

When FastKeys initially began working with Deazy it was incredibly important for them to find a partner who really understood their vision and were able to support them long term. Since a lack of oversight was a key pain point for FastKeys, it was crucial for them to find a team who would take accountability surrounding planning, prioritisation and delivery of scope.

To ensure that Fast Keys Services found a dedicated team, Deazy’s internal oversight team worked hard to enable an efficient, seamless knowledge transfer and onboarding process. Furthermore, to ensure that projects would be well organised and efficient, Deazy worked to find a variety of roles that could run every aspect of the project. This included:

  • Tech Lead
  • Product Manager
  • Scrum Master
  • Designer
  • QA
  • 1 Full stack Developer

After just 4 weeks of onboarding, the Fast Keys Services’ new team were up to speed with the help of product intros, backlog and roadmap walkthroughs, and technical workshops. Once onboarded, Deazy’s ecosystem of developers began improvement on Fast Key’s eCommerce site, specially focusing on the check out flow. The first project was delivered in just 2 weeks.

A year on, Deazy continues to collaborate with Fast Keys on improving their online presence and user experience. In the latest project Deazy’s design team are working with nearshore resources from our ecosystem to create a new website which will increase conversion and better hone in on Fast Keys Services visual identity.

Deazy made the daunting task of changing our IT providers much simpler than expected. The onboarding process was seamless and we had a clear pathway in terms of costs and timescales in order to meet our objectives. The specialists at Deazy took the time to understand our business model and they continue to constructively collaborate with us. The way they structure their team provides clarity with excellent communication and delivery, making projects relatively stress free.

Why is the Continuous Improvement model perfect for Fast Keys Services?

Since FastKeys wanted to find a dedicated team of developers for long term engagement, the continuous improvement model was the perfect fit for them. This model helps businesses vet, hire and retain a long term team of dedicated developers, while also maintaining flexibility to swap out team members if different skillsets are required.

Unlike full-time employees, Deazy provides flexibility for businesses to hire a reliable team who can plan, develop, test and deploy products when and where a business needs them. This also allows businesses to keep their in-house team agile, while getting access to a huge talent pool of developers.

The continuous improvement model also gives companies like Fast Keys Services the best of both worlds. With the help of vetted technical resources and developers, who are dedicated to their projects, businesses like FastKeys’ can get greater visibility over sprint plans, priority backlogs and deliver projects on time with ease. What’s more, Deazy’s nearshore development solution gives them unlimited flexibility, being able to add and remove developers whenever they need.

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