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Deazy X Popeyes

Creating bespoke CMS platforms fast


Learn about how businesses like Popeyes UK can collaborate with Deazy to create bespoke software solutions for time-pressured launches.

Popeyes UK franchise company is responsible for over 200 Popeyes and Burger King restaurants across the UK, Scandinavia and the UAE. The company reached out to Deazy to create a bespoke online ordering system as part of their launch of 11 UK restaurants as well as a number of delivery kitchens.

Popeyes UK collaborated with Deazy to build a new web and app build, as well as the CMS which supports it. The key challenge of this project was finding a way to cater to the company’s global customer base, varied branding, and wide range of custom functionality. 

The final deliverables of the first phase of the project consisted of the build and launch of a bespoke marketing website for Burger King Sweden. This platform was then in tandem re-branded, by Deazy devs to serve the Popeye’s UK offering, and additional order and pay functionality was created to serve the company’s UK market.


Why Popeyes chose to work with Deazy

Prior to finding Deazy, Popeyes UK considered using the franchise’s existing marketing platform. However, in order to give their customers the best possible experience, across the Popeyes and Burger King Scandinavia market, they ended up choosing to build a bespoke platform from scratch. 

Popeyes UK required a cleverly built bespoke platform which could be ‘reskinned’ to serve Popeyes’ UK and UAE customers, as well as Burger King’s Scandinavian market. 

The first part of the project required fast and focused work from Deazy’s development team - as Burger King’s Scandinavian website, apps and CMS were about to be decommissioned. This meant the team were required to build a new CMS and web interface, as well as accompanying iOS and Android apps, from scratch. The build also required the creation of unique features, such as QR code scanning functionality to access in restaurant offers and discounts, to fit into Burger King Scandinavia’s existing user journeys.

The completion of this initial project was followed up by subsequent builds, adding an ordering platform element to the platform. Deazy coordinated and managed all the different development and design teams, through a product manager to give Popeyes UK a single point of contact and a seamless experience throughout.

Popeye and Deazy’s ongoing collaboration

Following the time-sensitive delivery of the Burger King Scandinavia websites, initialCMS and Popeyes UK ordering, this was followed by the release of managing multiple menus for each of their restaurants. The CMS also allowed the company to create a home delivery integration with Deliveroo in the UK, as well as create and validate promotional codes directly through their platform. 

The next phase for Popeyes UK will be launching order/pay online for Burger King Sweden, Norway and Popeyes UAE.


To undertake such an extensive and high-pressure project in a relatively short period of time was a real challenge, and Deazy’s partners delivered every step of the way. Working with Deazy made everything much easier - all their partners are vetted so we get high quality teams without the need for lengthy recruitment processes.

Why is Deazy’s Full Build and Support and Maintenance perfect for businesses like Popeyes?

Engaging Deazy’s Full Build function, allows businesses like Popeyes UK to think big, and get the results they are expecting, without having to get bogged down in the details of day-to-day project management. Outsourcing bespoke CMS builds to Deazy’s vetted talent cloud can help a business create the perfect platform, which meets their customer needs directly. This helps companies find ease in controlling their business’s direction and ensures that day-to-day business management is as easy as can be.

The Full Build engagement type also helps businesses with no existing development resource recruit, onboard and collaborate with their dream development team, without having to think about the long-term commitment of hiring in-house developers. This means businesses like Popeyes UK can move fast when in need of urgent delivery. Furthermore, engaging Deazy can help with finding the perfect middle ground between awesome quality and cost effective, hassle free delivery. 

Deazy’s Support and Maintenance offering is a perfect next-step for businesses like Popeye’s UK, once they have completed an initial Full Build project. This engagement gives businesses the continued tech support their product required, without having to worry about paying for a long term retainer. 

The flexibility of Support and Maintenance, which allows businesses to scale development up and down as needed, means peace of mind about the longevity and usability of the app. It also gives a business access to technical support when and where they need it. 

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