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Outsource Development to Experienced, Vetted, Java Developers from a World-Class Dev Team

Build your web or mobile application with highly skilled, top-grade Java developers from a vetted nearshore team. Outsource a developer or build a squad flexibly.
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Accelerate Development with Experienced Java Developers

Start your development project and get a web or mobile app within a short time frame when you outsource Java developers from Deazy. We simplify software development, so we help you find the best devs to build your web application.

Hire certified Java developers or build a squad vetted for your requirements, engagement type and industry in as little as two weeks without the hurdle of hiring programmers. 

You can outsource Java developers on a 3, 6 or 12 months basis and get a discount on longer commitments.

Fast, Easy Hiring

Use our automated platform to onboard Java developers within two weeks.

Top Quality Developers

We have thousands of top-quality, experienced Java developers that can deliver your build quickly.

Manage Your Project

At Deazy, we don't just help find skilled Java programmers; we stand out because we help you manage your development project.


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Outsource Java Developers in

Three Easy Steps


Initiate the process by providing your project details.

You can start by telling us your requirements using our simple onsite
briefing flow, and our experts will help convert your ideas into software


Receive project proposals and estimates via our platform.

View your project estimate, choose potential Java developers and build
the perfect squad via our AI-powered platform.


Project commencement!

Start your Java development with the right programmer or squad in about
two weeks. Sit back and watch as we deliver on our promise – making
development easy

What Is Java?

Java is a popular coding language used for programming web applications. It is a multi-platform, object-oriented language that is fast, secure and reliable for building everything from mobile applications and enterprise software to big data apps and server-side technologies. 

Java is popular for several reasons.

Inbuilt functions and libraries. Java makes it easy for programmers to build software without writing every function from scratch. It has a rich ecosystem of pre-built functions and libraries to make different apps. 

High-quality development. Java has various tools that support automated editing, testing and debugging, which makes it time and cost-efficient. 

Security. Java is secure, making it easy to build a safe web or mobile application. 

Platform independent. Developers can run Java code on any platform like Windows, iOS, Android or Linux. Programmers can use Java to build applications that run on multiple devices. 

What Is Java Used For?

Java is a versatile and free-for-all programming language for building localised and distributed software. Some common uses of Java include:

Game Development

Several popular mobile, video and computer games are built using the Java programming language. Also, modern games with advanced tech like virtual reality and machine learning are programmed with Java. 

Cloud Computing

Java is perfect for decentralised cloud-based applications because it is WORA – Write Once and Run Anywhere. That is why cloud providers choose Java to run programs on various platforms.

Artificial Intelligence

Java has lots of machine-learning libraries. Since it is stable and fast, it is perfect for AI application development like NPL ( Natural Language Processing) and deep learning. 


Java is also used to program sensors and hardware in edge devices that can independently connect to the internet.  

When to Outsource Java Developers

Outsourcing Java development means hiring developers from an external development provider to build your software. This practice has many benefits, including cost-saving, access to a large talent pool and faster time to market. 

Outsourcing Java devs is a strategic move for businesses of all sizes, especially those that don't have in-house teams.

Here are some reasons companies are considering hiring Java developers.  

Talent Shortage

Java programmers are in high demand, so finding the right ones to work for you can be challenging. Outsourcing Java development provides you with engineers ready for work because they have been vetted for tech and soft skills. 

Skills Gap

Evaluating the strength of your in-house dev team can reveal skill gaps that are essential for Java projects. If that is the case with your organisation, augmenting your team with experienced Java developers will help fill the gaps. 

You Have a Tight Deadline to Meet

Your internal Java team might be flooded with tasks, which may affect the quality of your project if you are to add more. With outsourcing Java developers as an option, you can quickly get help to build your software and prevent operational bottlenecks.

One-Time Projects

Outsourcing developers is the best option if you have a one-time development project and don't need to set up an internal development team. You only pay for the hours spent building your web application and won't incur additional costs after development. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Java Developers

Access to Expert Developers

Outsourcing means businesses can tap into talents across the globe. And at Deazy, you will only find the top 1% of Java developers – so rest assured that you will have the best talent working on your project. 

Latest Technologies 

Java development outsourcing lets you find developers competent in using the latest technologies to build software. These are critical for helping businesses stay updated with the most cutting-edge practices in the development industry. 

Faster Time to Market 

Businesses that depend on software must develop ideas and build their product within the shortest time possible. Hiring an in-house team doesn't guarantee faster development because talented developers are hard to find – a process that can take months. However, when you outsource Java developers from Deazy, you can hire a developer or build a team in as little as two weeks.

Cost Effectiveness 

Hiring expert programmers is expensive. You must pay for job advertisements before waiting weeks to find the right person. After hiring the developer, you must add more office space and pay benefits in addition to other expenses like vacations. Using Java developers from our nearshore team will allow you to achieve strength without breaking the bank. 

High-Quality Product 

Working with Java developers, especially those with clear expertise, can produce higher-quality results. At Deazy, all our programmers are vetted to ensure they have the right technical skills before submitting proposals to you. 

What to Consider when Outsourcing Java Developers

Cultural and Time Zone Differences Matters

When outsourcing Java developers, you must consider how cultural and time differences will affect the project. 

An outsourced Java development team can be anywhere worldwide, often thousands of kilometres away. The distance between you and the programmers can be an issue if you want to collaborate with the devs in real-time. 

One way to solve that problem is by hiring a nearshore team to build your software. At Deazy, we have a large talent pool of nearshore developers based in different parts of the world. 

So, no matter where you are, we will always match you with Java developers that are close to you. Also, we ensure that our programmers are a good cultural fit so that they can integrate seamlessly with your business. 

Vet Technical Skills

Screen the developers to ensure they have the right technical skills to build your software. You can assign a test project and watch their performance. 

Aside from that, you should consider other skills like UI/UX design, software testing and quality assurance. Those skills are necessary if your project is complex and you need a development team to tackle it. 

Ensure that the outsourcing company has the capability in terms of technical expertise to handle projects of any complexity. 

Portfolio and Reviews 

Before you sign a contract with the outsourcing provider, you should check the portfolio and testimonials to confirm their skills. 

Ensure they have built software similar to the one you have in mind and that the product adds value to the business. 

Aside from that, consider reviews from past clients. This will inform you if you can work with the outsourcing provider. 

Why choose Deazy to Outsource Java Developers?

Outsourcing Java developers with Deazy comes with lots of benefits. We provide a unique outsourcing service, from working with ISO 27001-certified developers to a flexible hiring model and a delivery manager overseeing development. 

Our Java programmers are screened to ensure they have the right technical and business skills to build a working software product for your company. 

Whether you are planning to build new software or want to augment your in-house team with developers, we give you flexible access to the best talent in the industry. 

And we assign a delivery manager who oversees the project and backlog organisation and handles requests and escalation. Ready to outsource Java developers? Book a call.



How do I hire Java developers?
To outsource Java developers from Deazy, start by sharing your project requirements so our experts can intelligently match devs with the right expertise to build your software. Afterwards, you can screen potential devs and select the best to start building your software immediately!
Which company is best for outsourcing Java developers?
Deazy is a software development outsourcing company that helps businesses find top-grade Java developers to build their software. When you partner with us, you can outsource a developer or build a squad of Java developers flexibly.

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