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Deliver Your Digital Roadmap with a High-Powered CodeIgniter Team

Start your web development project with expert CodeIgniter developers and discover how easy it can be when you hire certified experts that are selected based on your project requirements and your preferred engagement type. 

Enjoy access to our ecosystem of over 5,000 experts and onboard a team of CodeIgniter specialists within two weeks. 

You can hire our devs on a 3, 6 or 12-month basis and enjoy discounts for longer engagements. 

Fast, Easy Hiring

Find vetted CodeIgniter developers within weeks, not months.

Top Quality Developers

We at Deazy value quality over quantity when matching you with devs.

We Manage Your Project 

We provide more than expert devs.


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CodeIgniter Development Is Easy

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Share your project requirements.

Chat through your project requirements using our on-site briefing flow with a helpful member of our team. 


Get estimates and proposals.

With our automated platform, you can view your project estimates, screen potential CodeIgniter developers and find the perfect devs for your project. 


Project kick-off!

Start your project with expert CodeIgniter developers in as little as two weeks, and watch how our devs transform your ideas into viable software products. 

What Is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is an open-source web development framework written in PHP. It is a lightweight, versatile and easy-to-use framework that helps programmers create robust web applications with little setup. 

Some of its key features include:

  • Lightweight. It is lightweight, easy to install and configure and does not require a lot of resources to run.
  • MVC architecture. CodeIgniter follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern, which helps programmers to separate business logic from presentation.
  • Active record database support. It has built-in support for active record database manipulation, making it easy for developers to perform database operations.
  • Security. CodeIgniter has built-in security features that help safeguard applications from known threats like SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS).
  • Extensive library. It has a large library of functions and features, making it easy for programmers to develop web apps quickly and efficiently.

What Is CodeIgniter Used For?

Some of the common uses of CodeIgniter include:

  1. Web development. Programmers widely use CodeIgniter to build dynamic and responsive web applications. Its MVC architecture and extensive library of functions make web application development quick and efficient.
  2. E-commerce. It has support for database manipulation and security features, making it the best choice for building secure and scalable e-commerce sites and online marketplace.
  3. Content management system (CMS). CodeIgniter can also be used to build a CMS for managing content online. Its modular approach makes it easy to develop custom solutions that meet specific business needs.
  4. APIs. You can use it to develop APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that enable software applications to communicate with each other. This is particularly useful for building complex apps that require integration with other systems and services.

What Is a CodeIgniter Developer?

A CodeIgniter developer is a software programmer specialising in building web applications using the CodeIgniter framework. 

The developer must have expertise in the PHP programming language and knowledge of web development technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.

Responsibilities of a CodeIgniter Developer

  • Developing web applications using the CodeIgniter framework

Writing code to create web applications with the framework. This involves designing and developing the application's front-end and back-end code.

  • Debugging and testing

The developer is responsible for debugging and testing the web application to ensure it is error-free and performs as intended.

  • Integrating with databases and other third-party services

CodeIgniter developers are responsible for integrating the application with databases and other third-party services to store, retrieve and process data.

  • Developing and implementing security features

Developing and implementing security features to protect the application from common security threats like SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS).

  • Maintaining and updating the application

Maintaining and updating the application as needed to ensure it continues to meet business requirements and performance goals.

Skills of a CodeIgniter Developer

The developer must have both technical and soft skills to succeed in the job. Here are some skills to consider when you want to hire a CodeIgniter developer.

  • Proficiency in PHP. Since CodeIgniter is written in PHP, a developer must understand the programming language to succeed.
  • Knowledge of web development technologies. The CodeIgniter developer should understand HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery well to develop dynamic and responsive user interfaces.
  • Understanding of MVC architecture. Knowledge of the MVC architecture is essential because CodeIgniter follows this pattern.
  • Experience with databases. The developer should be comfortable working with databases and writing SQL queries.
  • Knowledge of version control. Familiarity with version control systems like Git to manage code changes and collaborate with other devs.
  • Communication and collaboration skills. The developer should be able to communicate effectively with team members and stakeholders and collaborate with other experts working on the project.

Why Hire a CodeIgniter Developer?

Hiring a CodeIgniter developer can be a smart choice for organisations looking to develop high-quality, secure, scalable web applications quickly and cost-effectively. 

Since the developers have in-depth knowledge of the CodeIgniter framework, they can create high-quality websites, web apps and online marketplaces that meet your customers' expectations fast and efficiently. 

Aside from that, hiring a CodeIgniter dev from a nearshore team is a cost-effective method to develop your web application because it eliminates the expenses associated with hiring in-house.  

After creating your web application, you need someone to help you maintain it. Hiring an expert CodeIgniter dev means you will get ongoing maintenance and support for your web app to ensure its optimal performance. 

Hire CodeIgniter Developers with Deazy 

We at Deazy have a pool of expert developers on-demand and ready to go. You no longer have to wait months to kickstart your project, as our vast network ensures your team is up and running promptly.

We collaborate with top-notch developers worldwide who specialise in various tech stacks and rigorously vet them for their technical skills, communication abilities and cultural fit.

Moreover, we offer flexible engagement models that can cater to diverse business requirements. Whether you require team augmentation, an outsourced development team or full product delivery, we have a customised Deazy solution for you. 

The best part is that you only pay for the services you need without any fixed costs, giving you the freedom to scale up or down as required.

Ready to hire CodeIgniter developers? Book a call with us today.

What is CodeIgniter used for?

CodeIgniter is a robust PHP framework for building dynamic websites, web applications and online marketplaces.

What skills should I look for in a CodeIgniter developer?
A CodeIgniter developer should understand PHP programming language, web development technologies and MVC architecture. The dev should also have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, communicate effectively and work collaboratively with other team members.
How much does it cost to hire a CodeIgniter developer?
The cost of hiring a CodeIgniter developer varies depending on various factors, such as their experience level, technical skills, location and project requirements. You can expect to pay an hourly or fixed rate for their services. Working with an outsourcing agency like Deazy can help you find a cost-effective solution that matches your budget and business requirements.

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