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Our developers are typically placed on a 3, 6 or 12 month basis with discounts for longer commitments.

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What is Flutter?

Flutter is a Software Development Kit (SDK) for mobile and web applications.  It is cross platform, which means that any asset created using the Flutter framework can be used across all popular mobile platforms, on the web, web apps or as part of smart devices.  

As a cross platform tech stack, a single coded app can be used to deploy across multiple platforms such as

  • iOS apps
  • Android Apps
  • Windows Apps
  • macOS Apps
  • Linux Apps
  • Web Apps

As a reasonably new language, released in 2017, Flutter is a modern high performance development framework created and supported by Google. It is fully open source with a community of developers and organisations, who not only use the product but also contribute to it. In fact, Google estimates there are 2 million Flutter developers within the open-source ecosystem.

Despite being a relatively new addition to the mobile development market Flutter has grown quickly matching more established competitors such as React Native in terms of usage.  Google uses flutter exclusively throughout its organisations, including apps such as Google Pay.

It is not only Google that is using it, but, according to the official Flutter website, there are also a host of global commercial companies that have based their app development on Flutter.

These include:

  • Alibaba Group for their second-hand marketplace.
  • Abbey Road Studios for a songwriting app.
  • BMW created a customer product development app.
  • eBay Motors app developed with Flutter.
  • Toyota in car infotainment systems.
  • New York Times App is a Flutter developed app
  • Hamilton Fan App created with Flutter.

For agile businesses and development teams Flutter is a great tool for creating apps from a single codebase. This helps save on time and cost, allowing developers to avoid creating multiple native apps using different development languages.

Why Use Flutter

Flutter is suitable for organisations of all sizes. There are a number of reasons why, when creating a cross platform application, Flutter is a great choice. Being able to use the same application across multiple platforms and devices, without creating individual apps is a huge time and cost save, allowing you to create a minimum viable product (MVP) much faster.

Flutter is an SDK and framework in one. The SDK is a collection of tools that helps to develop apps, including converting code to native machine code for iOS and Android.

Meanwhile the framework has an assortment of reusable elements, such as text blocks or image carousels, that can be personalised for each project or within projects. Flutter also comes with over 20,000 packages, plugins and integrations which make it even simple to create functionality. 

Just how useful Flutter is, is also reflected by developers' love for it. In the StackOverflow 2021 Developer Survey Flutter comes in right after .NET as one of the most loved and popular frameworks. The closest related and competitor, React Native, comes in only 9th place, on the same survey. 

When combining the popularity of Flutter, with its strong supper from Google, it is clear that the longevity and future development of Flutter is assured. 

There are also a number of additional benefits, often mentioned when talking about Flutter, which are listed below!


As a modern framework, Flutter is designed to be easy to use. Though it still requires knowledge and expertise to use, Flutter is considered simpler and easier to learn than most other frameworks.  The plugins, widget packages and elements make it simple to create both simple and complex apps quickly.

Mobile & web application development has always been considered time consuming and difficult, requiring development processes for each platform. One app for Android, another for iOS and yet another for Web, Windows and possibly macOS to execute.

With Flutter, a skilled developer can create a fully featured application without requiring coding or learning SDK’s for each platform.


Despite being easy to use, Flutter promotes maximum productivity. Specifically, its Hot-Reload feature allows changes to code which are implemented shortly after applying modifications. This means that for small design changes, developers can use real time updates, rather than having to reload the complete app.


With Flutter providing a single codebase to create multiple platform apps, development time is much faster.  The anecdotal evidence from web discussions  suggests that development is 2x faster with Flutter than any similar framework.

Flutter development is based on the Dart programming language , also developed by Google, which ensures that Flutter projects are quick and stable.

Open-Source Community

Flutter has a growing community of potential backers, including Google. The framework is also well documented online, and has dozens of support resources such as  Flutter Awesome and Flutter Community.

Developers who use Flutter contribute directly to the community to ensure the framework remains stable and secure, with bugs and security flaws quickly detached and patched - often even before they get out of beta.

There are many other benefits often mentioned such as the small learning curve, great documentation, Google’s guaranteed support, performance  and portability.   If you are looking to create an app for multiple platforms, then Flutter is amongst the best possible choices.

Why Hire a Flutter Developer?

If you are looking to use Flutter for a project, working with a developer who is skilled and experienced with Flutter is essential. While Dart programmers use the language that powers Flutter, hiring a dedicated Flutter expert will reap benefits when it comes to the most efficient way to reach the project’s objective.

As mentioned earlier there are over 20,000 packages and elements available for developing apps with Flutter.  An experienced developer well versed with the SDK & Framework will be much quicker at pulling these elements together into a fully fledged application. An experienced developer will have expertise in when they should use external resources and when they need to code from scratch.

Because it uses a single-code base, Flutter can reduce development costs significantly. Hiring a Flutter developer that is skilled and accredited facilitates the creation of cross-platform apps on a low budget, a huge incentive for finding a developer with the requisite skills and knowledge. Collaborating with an expert will allow a project to be delivered as expected, on time.

A Flutter developer will have the skills to seamlessly create cross platform applications with interactivity and great user interfaces. While Flutter makes it easier to create these, a developer will still be needed to test the app, and ensure it meets requirements without crashing.

What’s more, an experienced developer will be able to help with migration of the App to Google Play, the App Store and other platforms. They will also be able to more clearly understand and implement changes based on user feedback once the app is live.

Post release testing  is actually one of the most important considerations, particularly in a fast-evolving technological realm. Having easy access to a skilled Flutter developer post-development is useful in an ever-developing market.  Maintaining and updating the code to ensure it remains well-documented and readable is important. This is because it gives other team members the ability to change and improve the application as it is used in the live environment

Why Use Deazy to Hire Flutter Developers

Since Flutter is a relatively new technology, finding and hiring a Flutter developer is not always as easy as you might expect. As brands and businesses of all sizes and types require apps for multiple platforms as an essential part of their toolkit, developers are more difficult to find than ever.

With many high profile and global brands looking for Flutter developers to extend or improve their app development projects at any time, finding certified developers can be expensive. What’s more, with a limited pool of available talent, hiring an in-house Flutter developer is often time-consuming.

However, Deazy can help. Our limitless ecosystem of pre-vetted, nearshore Flutter developers can give you access to an intelligently matched team. Whether you are looking to start a new project from scratch or to augment an existing in-house team, Deazy provides flexible access to top talent from 70+ tech stacks, including certified Flutter developers.

Deazy’s unique team-matching algorithm allows us to match your project or team augmentation requirements with developers who have experience in similar fields and who prefer similar type engagements. 

Deazy’s tried and tested vetting system gives you access to development houses who have been screened for culture and comms, as well as technical knowledge and certification before they are allowed to apply for projects. This means our team saves you time by finding reliable Flutter developers who are well suited for your project requirements, before you even have to review CVs and project briefs.


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