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Hire Python developers in Deazy's ecosystem.

Start delivering and supporting existing development projects using Deazy’s ecosystem of pre-vetted, certified Python developers and teams today. 

Never worry about capacity and skillset issues when delivering your digital roadmap. Collaborate with 5000+ vetted developers across Europe.

Our developers are typically placed on a 3, 6 or 12 month basis with discounts for longer commitments.

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What is Python?

Python is an open-source computer programming language that has been around since 1991. It is a cross platform language that can be used for a variety of purposes from server-side programs to web development. Python can be found everywhere, often as a supporting technology.

It is currently amongst the most popular programming languages in the world, in its annual programming language rankings survey RedMonk has Python ranked as the second most used language after JavaScript. Python is an Open-Source language, supported by the Python Software Foundation as well as developer communities and companies who consistently use, test, and add to the code.

Python is considered a general purpose language as it is used across a large spectrum of projects. As a programming language which can interact with most operating systems and run code written in other languages, it is considered to be the closest thing to a universal programming language that exists.

While it is an advanced, high level programming language, this has not stopped it from being widely adopted and extremely popular with developers. Python is also quite a strict language, which is popular with developers as it makes it easier to have a single correct way to write a particular program.

Unlike many other languages, which become more complicated over time (as they adapt to new technologies or applications) Python’s simplicity is key and once a developer understands the basic syntax, there is often little to no confusion or ‘grey areas’ about how to create a program.

Where is Python used?

While not often seen in the front-end, Python is commonly used behind the scenes of many large and everyday applications across a huge and diverse range of applications and websites.

According to the list of major entities that use Python to a significant extent include:

  • Reddit
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google
  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • Dropbox
  • Slack

Python can be used to create almost anything, despite its foundations being in software development. The language can be used for:

  • Game development
  • Assistive Technologies
  • Computer Graphics
  • Databases
  • Network development
  • Systems Admin
  • Web Development

Trying to list all the applications of Python is almost impossible, due to its extremely wide use. However, the official Python website does a good job illustrating just how widely the language is used. You can find that here!

Why use Python?

Python is an extremely popular tech stack due to the number of programs it can create. This makes it the default code used by many software developers. What’s more, because of its ability to integrate different language components, it is often seen as an essential skill for any software developer.

Aside from its wide use and popularity, Python also offers a wide range of benefits such as flexibility, scalability and stability.


Python is often highly praised for its simplicity. The language's basic setup includes simple syntax and a new line of code for each command. This approach makes it incredibly flexible for developers, allowing them to create any functionality from simple bot programs which automate day-to-day tasks, to complex and secure analysis programs which make sense of big data.

As the code is easily readable and the language as a whole is unambiguous it is easier for developers to pick up on others' work. This is something that often proves more difficult in other less strict languages, making it a great choice for many businesses with large software development projects who hire Python developers on a regular basis.


A standout feature of Python often cited is its Scalability. As previously mentioned, it is used in the creation of the simplest programs written only in python to huge far reaching software projects that use multiple languages and require Python to make everything work together.

Python can be used for the smallest startup project working out of a bedroom and still be used for the same project when it has grown to a huge corporate enterprise serving millions of uses of a program worldwide. Due to the simplicity of the language and its flexibility to interoperate with non-python components it really has no upper limit to its scalability.


Having been around for over 30 years as a major programming language, stability is a strong feature of Python. One of the benefits of having such a large user base and open-source community means that the language is always being tested and tweaked.

Like all software, platforms, and languages there can be vulnerabilities that can cause issues. Whether it affects performance or security, any bugs and issues are picked up very quickly by the community and the Python team, often before they are seen in live programs and applications.

Ease of use.

From the earliest iterations Python was created to be simple, one of the project’s key beliefs is “simple is better than complex”.

This can be seen in the strictness of the syntax, which makes it simple for developers to ensure that each aspect of their overall program will work as intended. The simplicity also ensures that debugging is limited and fast.

Open Source.

In common with most open-source projects, Python benefits from a massive community of developers who are invested in the language. It also benefits from the oversight and management of the Python Software Foundation, who regularly release updates and manage accessibility.

Resources for learning and maintaining Python programming skills and knowledge are widely available from official sources. What’s more, the extended community and official documentation is extremely thorough.

In addition, there are a wide range of packages available to help developers in specific areas achieve successful outcomes. Given the range of uses that Python is put to, this is a great asset.

Why hire Python developers?

Python is likely one of the most flexible, powerful and dynamic programming languages that exist today. A skilled and accredited Python developer can leverage the language's full potential. They can also understand how it can be used as “programming glue” to bring together components created using different code.

Only a Python developer will be able to deliver outstanding results when using Python in conjunction with other modern software development frameworks. It can easily be said that any software development project will benefit from hiring a Python developer to achieve an ambitious and successful development project.

The business case for hiring a dedicated Python developer is also strong. The power of Python as a programming language coupled with a developer’s skills will provide accurate insights into how challenging, time consuming or costly a project will be.

This can help ensure that project roadmaps are realistic and that they are delivered on time, and at the estimated cost.

Why use Deazy to hire Python developers?

Throughout this page there has been mention made of the wide range of projects that Python can be used in. This means while a high level Python developer can work on all projects as the language remains the same, some will have better understanding of desired outcomes in one field than others.

To give an example, a developer with focus on machine learning may be a better fit for a cloud software project than one with a focus on data science. That is where a developer marketplace like Deazy excels, matching highly skilled and vetted Python developers with the needs of the project.

Since Python is such a popular programming tool, hiring Python developers is not always as easy as expected. Python developers are also greatly sought after by more and more employers as the consistent growth in its use continues.

All sizes and types of projects use Python in some way. This means the demand for developers specialised in Python, who can work flexibly on projects, is higher than ever. With a limited pool of certified developers and massive demand for the skillset, hiring high quality Python certified developers is not only a time-consuming task but can also be expensive.

Deazy’s unique ecosystem of pre-vetted, Python developers ensures you get access to intelligently matched, flexible talent. Whether you are looking to start a new project from scratch or to augment an existing in-house team, Deazy provides flexible access to top talent from 70+ techstacks, including certified Python developers.

Deazy’s unique team-matching algorithm allows us to match your project or team augmentation requirements with developers who have experience in similar fields, prefer similar type engagements and enjoy working in your preferred team structure.

Deazy also screens all their teams for culture, comms, tech knowledge and certification, before adding them to Deazy’s ecosystem of available candidates. Any candidates who apply to your projects have already been approved as legitimate, and qualified. This means our team saves you time finding reliable Python developers who are well suited for your project before you even have to review CVs and project briefs. 

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