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What Is a React Native Developer?

A React Native programmer is a software engineer who uses the React Native framework to produce a cross-platform application. 

What is React Native? Also known as RN, React Native is a popular mobile application framework based on JavaScript that lets developers build apps for Android and iOS platforms. 

React Native is popular because programmers can create reusable code, making it easy for front-end developers to build production-ready apps for mobile platforms. 

With React Native, software engineers can build a seamless and user-friendly interface by creating components from several wireframes and prototypes. Developers in this field are mainly responsible for writing automated tests to generate clean, maintainable, efficient, and reusable codes.

When do you need a React Native developer?

Businesses hire React Native devs for several reasons. Let's look at some reasons why your business might need one.

Your Business Is at the Early Stage

Is your business a startup in the early stage? You need to hire developers to build your software product as quickly as possible because your investors will like to see results in the shortest time possible. If you decide to build your application with React Native, you need a competent programmer to develop ready-to-market software. 

You Have a Web Application and Want to Switch to a Mobile App 

Do you have a web application and want to switch to a React Native mobile app? It would be best if you had an expert programmer for the task. The transition to React Native will be easier if your front-end developer has a background in React. If you don't have a web developer with the right skills, you can extend your team by hiring a React Native developer. 

You Have a Native App

Do you have a native Android or iOS app? In that case, you need to hire Android and iOS developers separately, which is not cost-effective. To save money and time, you can hire React Native programmers to build cross-platform mobile applications. So, no need to have two separate teams of Android and iOS developers.

What skills to consider when hiring a React Native developer?

React Native programmers must have specific skills to build a go-to-market product for your business.

Below are some skills to look for when hiring a React Native programmer. 

Solid knowledge of JavaScript. Since React Native is based on JavaScript, the programmer should know how to use it to develop UI components and the entire app logic. 

Ability to write clean code. Writing clean code is a must when developing software. This will make it easier for other developers to read and debug the code later. React Native devs must be able to write clean code so that it will be easy to improve and maintain the app. 

React tools. When hiring a React Native programmer, you should consider familiarities with React tools like Virtual DOM, JSX, Enzyme, Webpack, ESLint, Redux, Sentry, and Flux. 

Debugging and testing the app. Programmers skilled in React Native must be able to test the application to ensure it works properly and debug the code to find and fix errors. 

Third-party integration. Developers must be able to integrate all the libraries and frameworks into the application and third-party services like Google, PayPal, and Facebook. 

Time management skills. Software developers must work on tight deadlines. So, consider time management skills when hiring a React Native programmer. Time management will ensure that the programmer finishes your project before the launch date and that you don't keep your investors waiting. 
Communication skills. Excellent communication is another skill for hiring a React Native developer. If the programmer works as part of a team, communication skills will ensure that they collaborate, discuss problems that arise, and solve them quickly. Also, communication will make it easy to share feedback with the developer when there is a need for adjustments. 

What Is a React Native Developer Called?

A React Native programmer is a software engineer who uses the React Native framework to create mobile applications. This programmer is skilled in JavaScript and can write clean, reusable code to make cross-platform business apps.

What Skills Are Required for a React Native Developer?

Technical skills a React Native developer must have are HTML, CSS and JavaScript, along with basic knowledge of the React Native framework. Also, the programmer should be able to use tools like Redux, Jest, ESLint, ES6, etc., in addition to testing and debugging the code.

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