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Behind the Scenes

Deazy Accelerates Quality Talent Vetting with Geektastic Acquisition

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We're thrilled to announce a significant milestone in Deazy's journey: the acquisition of Geektastic! This new chapter in our journeys underscores our ongoing commitment to create tech talent agility that drives digital delivery for businesses of all sizes.

So what is Geektastic? 

Well, first and foremost, Geektastic has been a significant strategic partner in our journey since 2022. We've collaborated closely, recognising the shared goal of elevating the quality of development talent in our community.

We asked our CEO, Andy, to share a bit more about Geektastic:

“Geektastic is a company that specialises in technical assessments and code challenges for businesses looking to hire developers. However, what separates them from many of their competitors is that instead of automated assessments, Geektastic specialises in human review. This process provides deeper insights into a candidate’s coding skills by testing their technical and interpersonal skills necessary for great development work.”

“Using a network of expert peer reviewers from the most respected global technology firms, they streamline the assessment process, significantly reducing the time to hire and increasing the chance their customers hire the best quality developers.”

By integrating Geektastic's offerings into the Deazy platform, we're enhancing our ability to showcase the calibre of development teams within our ecosystem. Geektastic’s network of expert reviewers helps us streamline the assessment process, reducing hiring time while ensuring top-tier developers' selection. 
What’s more, their platform's flexibility lets our team of experts choose from pre-built and bespoke challenges, catering to diverse hiring needs. We’re also excited to extend this feature to our clients in the coming year!

But what does this mean for our customers and prospects?

Simply put, an unparalleled advantage. By harnessing Geektastic's capabilities, we can empower organisations to build high-performing development teams swiftly, without compromising on quality or team cohesion, and accelerate their digital roadmaps much more effectively.

More than just code

Developers aren't just code wizards; they're integral members of your team, requiring the ability to collaborate effectively and communicate seamlessly. Our integration of Geektastic's approach prioritises these soft skills, ensuring that every addition to your team aligns with your company's ethos and objectives.
The new tools offered by Geektastic help our team go deeper than basic code assessments, examining how their soft skills and company culture preferences fit into your business model.

We asked Rick Brownlow, Geektastic’s founder, to share a bit more about what this means in practice:

“By combining Geektastic’s technical assessment platform, custom internal processes and other third-party tool kits to assess things such as personality & culture fit, we aim to offer a broad spectrum of vetting to deliver guaranteed quality. The combination of Deazy’s ecosystem and these new technical tools will help guarantee the right developer fit for each of every client.”

Say hello to faster hiring than ever!

In today's fast-paced tech landscape, time is of the essence. As talent shortages continue to slow down the delivery of digital transformation roadmaps - it's important for businesses to be able to move fast.

However, unlike the "move fast and break things" ethos often associated with startups of the 2010s, our focus lies on developing tools that are not only swift but also dependable in sourcing precisely the right developers - when and where they're needed.

Geektastics new assessment tools allow us to do just that.

By mindfully accelerating the hiring process using awesome tech to do so, we empower businesses to stay ahead of the curve, driving innovation and maintaining a competitive edge.

So what can you expect from Deazy in the near future?

In the coming months, you'll witness the seamless integration of Geektastic into the Deazy ecosystem, further enhancing our ability to deploy the best development teams on your software and development roadmaps.

We’re also excited to welcome Rick Brownlow, Geektastics founder, and our new Quality and Vetting Lead.

We asked him to share a little bit more about what he plans to do in this new role:

“I am excited to start collaborating with the Deazy team to help drive the strategic direction of quality and vetting within the business. First and foremost, this means delivering demonstrable vetting services to guarantee we are delivering high-calibre, perfect-fit developers to our clients’ teams.”

Stay tuned for exciting updates as we continue to redefine the future of digital delivery, one great development team at a time.