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The Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring an iOS Developer

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Are you planning to build a scalable and fully functional iOS app for your business? Do you want to hire an experienced iOS developer? If you answer yes, then you definitely need to read this article.

The surge in the need for iOS developers is not unconnected to the increased use of iOS apps by people to shop online or connect with their favourite services. 

Building an app will put your business above others, increase your customer numbers and make it easy to connect with your clients. But to get the right app that works for your business, you must hire A-player developers. 

Finding a good iOS app developer requires many hours of hard work and expensive due diligence, especially if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about software development. But don't worry; we will make it easy for you by providing a step-by-step guide to hiring iOS developers. And, of course, stay tuned until the end of the article to find out how Deazy can help you build an experienced remote dev squad.

Key Points

  • An iOS developer is responsible for developing applications for devices powered by the iOS operating system.  
  • To hire experienced iOS programmers to build your application, you have to define your project needs to communicate your project better to the developer.
  • Choosing the best hiring option is another step to employing the right iOS application developer. Hiring options include hiring in-house programmers or freelancers or a nearshore development agency.
  • You have to consider the tech and soft skills of the iOS app engineer to hire the right fit. Also, you can hire junior, mid-level or senior iOS developers depending on your project's complexity. 

Who Is an iOS Developer?

An iOS app developer is a software engineer responsible for building applications for mobile phones and tablets powered by Apple's iOS operating system. 

The programmer has in-depth knowledge of the iOS ecosystem, how the platform works, and the different Apple devices like iPads, Apple Watches, iPhones, and Apple TVs. 

Responsibilities of an iOS Programmer

Here are some of the roles of an iOS app programmer to help you know what to get when you hire one.

  • Collaborate with stakeholders. Before and during the development process, app developers must collaborate with stakeholders like the clients, team members, and product owners to build a market-ready app.
  • Scope the software. An experienced iOS programmer will scope the application before development to identify all the deliverables in the product.
  • Design the application. Before building the app, the engineer will design the concepts for developing a clean and efficient user interface that is attractive and easy to navigate.
  • Write clean code. Developing an iOS app requires a solid mastery of programming languages like Objective-C or Swift. The programmer will write clean, easy-to-debug code to help build all the components.
  • Test the software. Another responsibility of an app programmer is to test the software to identify errors before deployment. The software developer must review the code for mistakes that might affect the app in the future.
  • Debugging and fixing errors. Troubleshooting and fixing errors are crucial when developing an app for Apple devices. The programmer must fix any errors identified during the debugging process. 

Six Steps to Hire an iOS Developer 

Hiring an iOS app programmer is a systematic process that requires careful planning if you want the best fit for your project. Here are six steps you must follow: 

Define Your Project Needs

The first step to hiring a developer to build an iOS app is for you to know what you want. Why do you need an app for Apple devices? Do you want an e-commerce app? 

Or a simple application to connect with your clients? Will your customers subscribe to your services with the app? Is it an app with free or paid features?

When you define your project needs, you can list all the deliverables that will make your app achieve its intended purpose. Also, you can communicate your app development project better to the developer.

Choose the Best Hiring Options

There are several options available when looking for an iOS programmer to hire. You can outsource your project to a software outsourcing agency, work with a freelance developer or employ an in-house programmer. There are pros and cons to the various hiring methods, but the point is for you to choose the best that suits your needs. 

Outsourcing Your Project

Hiring an app developer from a software outsourcing agency is the best option for startups and large organisations. The pros of outsourcing to an agency include access to a dev team that cuts across tech stacks with the right skills to build your application. 

Since developing an application is not a one-person job, the agency will quickly form a squad comprising a project manager, designer, architect, developer, quality assurance, security tester, etc.

Aside from that, you don't have to bother managing the project because most outsourcing agencies have dedicated project managers who help you organise your app development from start to finish. 

There are three types of software outsourcing - onshore, offshore, and nearshore. 

  • Onshore development. In onshore software development, you will look for an iOS app developer who will work remotely when building your app from within the same country. While some organisations find this option convenient, limited technical skills can hamper your software project development.
  • Offshore development. Another option to choose if you outsource your app development project is to hire developers from a country far from yours. Offshore development is more cost-effective than onshore, but you might have to work with programmers that don't share your work culture and language, which can drastically affect your project.
  • Nearshore development. This is the best of all three. Nearshoring is when an organisation hires developers from a nearby country instead of a far country, like offshoring. The pros of nearshore development are that you can work with programmers with similar work cultures and within the same time zone. It means that you can communicate and get your project done quickly. 

A nearshore software development agency like Deazy can connect you with experienced iOS app developers or build a dev squad to handle your iOS development project. 

Hire a Freelancer

Hiring a freelance iOS developer is another option you can explore to find someone to build your app. There are numerous freelance platforms where you can find any skills you need at a cheaper rate. But going for cheap services when developing an app is not always the best option, especially when you want a scalable application that meets users' expectations.

 It takes more than a developer to build an app, so if you hire a freelancer, you have to employ other experts like quality assurance, software architects, designers, etc., to work independently on the same project. Misunderstanding can easily develop because there may be a lack of cooperation and accountability if they don't work in sync. 

Hire an In-house Developer

The advantage of hiring an in-house programmer is easy communication since you and the developer will work from the same building. Also, the developer will become familiar with your business or service quickly. 

Employing a programmer that works from your office to build an app for you is great if you want a long-term project and the role is permanent. But if you have a one-time iOS development project, hiring and firing will be a problem if you employ an in-house app programmer. 

Also, you have to spend money to set up office space, buy tech tools for the developer, and on additional benefits that come along with hiring staff. 

Consider the iOS Developers' Skills

You must evaluate the developer's technical and soft skills to hire the right fit for your iOS development project. Technical skills matters and ensures that the programmer can create an app that provides a rich user experience and aligns with the business goal. 

Soft skills are essential because they allow the developer to work well with all the stakeholders involved in making the app. Let's start with the technical skills of an iOS developer. 

Tech Skills

Here are some of the technical skills iOS app developers must have. 

  • Knowledge of Swift and Objective-C. Developers that build apps for Apple devices must have sufficient knowledge of Swift and Objective-C programming languages. The programmer should be able to write clean and easy-to-maintain code to build the app's structure. 
  • Xcode IDE. Xcode is an integrated development environment that supports languages like C, Objective-C, C++, Java, Python, etc. iOS programmers use the code editor to write, compile, debug and deploy an application on the iOS platform.
  • UI and UX design. An iOS programmer must know UI and UX design to build an app that meets users' expectations. The user interface (UI) refers to the product design; how it appears to users, while user experience is how people feel when they use the app. An expert that builds apps for the Apple platform must have the right skills to create an app with a good user experience.
  • JSON and core data. Solid knowledge of JSON is necessary for iOS app developers to send and receive data over networks. Aside from that, the programmer must know Core Data to help users store their progress on Apple devices.
  • Debugging and fixing errors. Every software engineer should be able to debug code and fix errors before deployment to prevent service disruption after launching the app.
  • Human interface and design guidelines. This is another skill of an iOS app builder you should watch out for because it ensures that the quality of all apps remains the same.
  • Security and testing. iOS developers must be able to implement security features in the app to ensure data protection and test the app to make sure all the features work properly. 

Soft Skills

Here are some of the soft skills iOS developers must have.

  • Communication skills. Communication is essential in every software development project. iOS programmers must be able to communicate their concerns clearly and present any idea they think will benefit the product.
  • Time management skills. When working with developers, you must set a deadline for project completion. The programmers you hire must keep to deadlines to increase your app's time to market.
  • Problem-solving skills. Every app development project has various challenges that can slow down the process. Problem-solving skills will help the developers identify and solve issues quickly.
  • Teamwork. Collaboration is essential when building an application. The programmer must collaborate with all the stakeholders involved in creating the app to achieve the desired results. 

Consider the Experience 

Finding iOS developers with the right experience is a plus for organisations that want to build an app. There are three levels of expertise when hiring iOS engineers - junior, middle and senior. 

  • Junior iOS programmer. Most junior developers possess entry-level knowledge of the iOS platform and related frameworks. Hiring a junior developer is not the most suitable option if you want a programmer to build a complex app. You can employ entry-level developers if you are forming a permanent in-house team where they can learn from experienced programmers.
  • Mid-level iOS programmer. Anyone classified as a mid-level developer has at least 3-4 years of experience as an iOS programmer. If you have a software development project that isn't too complex, you can hire a middle-level programmer. Engineers at this level have strong knowledge of Swift, Objective-C, Core Data, SQLite, UI/UX design, and how to deploy apps to the market.
  • Senior iOS programmer. Senior developers have handled lots of development projects and deployed apps countless times. Also, they have the right leadership and problem-solving skills to handle any task that comes their way. Hiring a senior developer is the best option if you have a complex iOS app development project. The experts know software architecture design, development, security testing, code review, debugging and the various frameworks used to build an iOS app. 

Check the Developer's Portfolio 

Another way to know the skills of the iOS developer you want to engage is by checking the portfolio. Reviewing the portfolio will allow you to look in-depth into the developer's skillset, experience and knowledge. 

You can download one of the applications the programmer created in the past and examine its functionalities and reviews. 

If you plan to hire iOS developers from a nearshore development agency, you can read reviews about them from past clients and ask for previous projects to judge the quality of their work. 

Access the Cultural Fit

Cultural differences can quickly result in many misunderstandings and disputes, which is not a good idea within a team that needs to collaborate. That is why, when you hire iOS developers, you should consider how well they will fit into your organisation. 

A good programmer will not only bring in technical and soft skills but will integrate seamlessly with your team and get the job done faster. If you plan to source experienced iOS programmers from a nearshore development company like Deazy, you can be sure that they will match you with one that will fit your organisation's culture. 


Hiring experienced iOS developers is difficult if you want a software product that meets the end user's expectations and functions smoothly. While there are several hiring models businesses can choose from to employ an app programmer, engaging a nearshore software development agency like Deazy is the best choice. 

Why choose Deazy? We have an ecosystem of app developers, including iOS programmers, that have been vetted to fit any role they are assigned. Also, our system intelligently matches the right iOS developers with you based on your project requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do I Find and Hire iOS Developers?

To find iOS developers, you can explore any freelance platform of your choice, hire an in-house programmer or outsource your software development project to an IT outsourcing agency. Ensure that you consider the programmer's technical and soft skills to ensure you have the right fit before you sign contracts. Other things to consider are cultural fit, portfolio and your project needs. 

Can I Hire Someone to Code My App?

Yes, you can hire an experienced software engineer to build a mobile application for your organisation. When hiring an engineer to develop your application, you should know your project requirements beforehand, consider the engineer's skills and experience, assess the cultural fit, and check the portfolio. Doing these things will put you in a better position to hire the right person.

Where Can I Find the Best iOS Developers?

To find the best iOS developers, you can explore a software outsourcing agency like Deazy to find skilled nearshore developers to work on your project. Other ways to find iOS app programmers are to post job advertisements online and hire an in-house programmer or to use any freelance platform to find individuals to work on your project.