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State of European Dev Ecosystem

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2023: The year of unprecedented change? 

The start of this decade has been earmarked by many unpredictable events - I’m reminded of the book The Black Swan, by the philosopher and economist Nassim Taleb, which was published last decade and explained that we do not build resilience into society for low probability events, like the black swans of this decade.

The interconnectedness of globalisation and “just in time” supply chains has created enormous turbulence for consumers, business and political leaders alike, whilst the growth of digital continues to reshape the business landscape. In the midst of this, leaders in tech companies, such as those run by our clients, are having to adopt, innovate and adapt at an incredible pace.

To support this re-gearing, our focus at Deazy has been to continue to provide technology leaders with a flexibility of development resource, at speed, and with our hallmark of quality, to enable them to build resilience and capitalise through innovation in this decade of disruption.

Progressive tech and product leaders are the community which has formed around the incredible ecosystem of developers, engagement models and teams that we have created at Deazy. Our hope through this eBook is to share a pulse from this community more widely - in the spirit of collective genius, one of our core values at Deazy, and share their insights on how they are tackling some of the same challenges you are going through

“Discover how Product and Tech Leaders are re-calibrating for 2023 and beyond, load-balancing innovation with technical debt, and resourcing around these dipoles.

We are excited to continue welcoming more into this community as we drive into the heart of this decade of disruption, and we look forward to going even broader and deeper into the conversation next year as we scale towards the highest quality, closed developer ecosystem in Europe. Join us on the adventure.

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For our first State of European Dev Ecosystem report, we spoke to 300 CPOs and CTOs to find out how they have found 2022 and what they see for the year to come.

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