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The Deazy Solution

Deazy X RAC: Creating Agility for Tech Innovation the Deazy Way

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👉 Learn how Deazy works with enterprise organisations such as the RAC to tackle capacity and capability problems.
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Key Stats:

  • Industry: Automotive
  • Product: Two Mobile Apps and multiple web platforms
  • Technologies: iOS, Android, Swift, Xamari, .NET, React, Angular, Automation testing
  • Team Location: Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Latin America

Deazy x RAC: A Quick Intro

The RAC is one of the UK’s largest providers of motoring services, working with over 12m personal and business members. They provide breakdown assistance, car insurance and more.

By collaborating with Deazy, the RAC was able to get access to a large pool of devs from 10 different delivery teams. They were also able to use varied engagement models to empower and accelerate the delivery of their digital roadmap and transform their tech landscape with ease.

Before working with Deazy, the RAC set out to deliver an ambitious digital transformation roadmap, but found it difficult to find tech talent when and where they needed them. Deazy was able to help them tackle each of their issues through varied engagement models. By giving access to a large pool of devs from 10 different delivery partners, Deazy empowered the RAC to deliver their innovation roadmap with ease.

Why the RAC chose to work with Deazy

Prior to working with Deazy, the RAC used a 3rd party agency and contract staff to support their internal team with delivery. Outsourcing projects can lead to challenges for teams trying to deliver an ambitious digital transformation roadmap. Aside from reducing delivery speed, 3rd party engagements can increase project risk and cost. What’s more, technical knowledge may exist outside of a core in-house team, slowing down handovers.


Deazy began working with the RAC in October 2020. Utilising Deazy’s team of trusted near shore developers gave the RAC access to highly skilled, flexible teams specialised in a wide range of tech-stacks, for both mobile and web. The RAC were able to understand just how easy the partnership could be, when Deazy’s team were able to investigate and solve a weekend maintenance issue in less than 24 hours!

Today, the RAC and Deazy continue to collaborate in a trusted partnership. Deazy’s nearshore team has helped deliver exciting projects, including 2 mobile applications, and work across 6 different technologies. The Deazy team has also augmented the RAC’s in-house team with talent from 10 different stellar teams.

The RAC and Deazy’s Ongoing Collaboration

Alongside the RAC’s breakdown and insurance coverage, they also store and handle complex vehicle data through their own digital platform: RAC Telematics. Deazy has supported this branch of the company through ongoing development and day-to-day support.

The RAC augmented their inhouse business team with a development team leader, two developers and an expert to oversee quality assurance, each pre-vetted and matched through Deazy’s ecosystem. The team works seamlessly with RAC’s existing team on long-term engagements allowing their inhouse team to thrive, and work on exciting new projects, while keeping development costs and risk low.

The RAC has also enjoyed the flexibility offered by nearshore development teams when they wanted to accelerate their 2022 roadmap. By adding a back-end developer and two mobile developers for a short period of time (3 months) they are able to deliver their projects faster, without having to hire additional staff full time.


Why is the Team Augmentation model perfect for the RAC?

Deazy’s Team Augmentation model provides partners, like the RAC, with a unique opportunity to combine their in-house development team with flexible trusted Delivery Partners. This engagement model ensures unlimited flexibility, allowing businesses to turn devs or full teams on and off freely, without any fixed costs

The Team Augmentation model also tackles any issues that may arise during project completion. Deazy’s expert oversight team helps make sure all core tech knowledge is kept in-house, de-risking project handover and empowering developers within a business's core team. 

The use of Team Augmentation also allows in-house teams to work alongside external experts and gain new technical knowledge. This means businesses can train their existing team members while also working on new projects. What's more, Deazy’s unique vetting process gives each client the ability to find extra team members who not only bring new knowledge to the team, but fit culturally. This means each client is able to continue to enjoy the benefits of a small team culture alongside limitless capacity and flexibility provided by Deazy.