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9 Top Programming Languages Used for the Metaverse

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There is no doubt that the concept of the Metaverse is on a constant upward trajectory. As tech advancement continues to move forward, we are creating new virtual realities which seems to be from science fiction. 

More and more companies need software engineers to build the virtual spaces and blockchain technology which powers the Metaverse. 

If you are a programmer or an organisation that wants to join the Metaverse and build your space, you must be familiar with some of the technologies used to create virtual worlds. 

This article will explore the Metaverse and which programming languages to use to build your Metaverse. 

What Is Metaverse?

Imagine sitting on the sofa in your house and interacting with someone thousands of miles away in a virtual world. You can play games, go to places, shop and interact with people, when and how you want, without moving out of your house. 

That is the Metaverse, a shared online 3D virtual space powered by VR/AR technologies. 

In the Metaverse, people move around a virtual world that mimics the real world using techniques like virtual reality, augmented reality, social media, AI and digital currency. 

How does Metaverse work? The Metaverse works by combining augmented and virtual reality, supported by the use of cryptocurrency. 

Depending on the type of Metaverse world being built, programmers will have to deploy different technologies with varying levels of security and privacy, in addition to 3D and AI technologies. 

Building your Metaverse requires skills, especially when developing virtual and augmented reality, blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Below are some of the skills you need:

  • Software development: An essential skill to build a Metaverse is knowing how to program different software products. This means you must know how to code using programming languages like Python, JavaScript, Swift, C# and C++.
  • 3D modelling: Creating 3D objects in Metaverse is integral to building your virtual world. A developer must be familiar with 3D tools like Unreal Engine, Unity or Blender.
  • Virtual and augmented reality: Metaverse developers must be proficient in developing virtual, augmented content to allow users to interact with the virtual space.
  • Artificial intelligence. Developers must be proficient in programming languages like Python, C++ and Rust and frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch to deploy AI models.
  • NFT: Metaverse developers must be familiar with Blockchain technology and be able to code in JavaScript or Solidity. 

Now, consider some programming languages you can use to build your Metaverse. 

Programming Languages to Use for Meta/Crypto 


JavaScript is a scripting language that allows developers to build interactive websites, web applications, 2D/3D animated graphics and games if you use it with HTML5 and an API like WebGL. 

It provides various benefits for blockchain development, including scalability and the ability to run frameworks like Node.js. Building blockchain applications with JavaScript guarantees faster time to market because it is well-known by a broad base of developers who will address problems faster. 

If you are trying to develop a virtual reality web app, JavaScript is a programming language to use. Three.js and A-Frame are JavaScript 3D libraries that allow programmers to develop VR solutions. 

Aside from that, Babylon.js, a web rendering engine, features tools like VR applications and ViroReact that developers can use to build virtual reality experiences. 


C# is a modern, object-oriented coding language that enables programmers to develop robust applications like mobile apps, desktops, cloud-based services and games.

Microsoft released C# in 2000; since then, it has been the main coding language for the Unity game engine and blockchain development. 

Also, it is one of the best languages for Windows and Xbox Games, making it perfect for building different types of Metaverse apps. 

For programmers creating a virtual reality application, Unity is a popular platform because it has many developers and resources that can help them get started. 


C++ is an all-purpose programming language developers use in building operating systems, browsers, applications and games. As a programming language, C++ offers scalability, making it useful for small and large gaming projects. 

Programmers can also use C++ for blockchain development because it offers benefits like utilising a Standard Template Library, high speed, transparency and performance. 

If you plan to build your Metaverse, C++ is one of the best coding languages you can use because it is ideal for creating virtual reality. Unreal Engine is a C++ framework for 3D software that offers tools to develop VR experiences. 


After its development in 1991, Python has become one of the world's most popular programming languages for building different web applications. It is an excellent language for blockchain development because it is secure, scalable and fast.

Programmers can use Python to analyse data and build software and websites as an object-oriented language. It can program all EVM-compatible blockchains and is used to develop smart contracts on the Hyperledger and Neo blockchains. 

Python programming has been used to speed up and simplify virtual and augmented reality processes in desktop solutions, making it a valuable tool for building Metaverse.


Java is a powerful, all-purpose programming language used in Android app development and is among the top three coding languages. It has a powerful API that includes packages, classes and interfaces, which makes it easy for developers to work faster when programming. 

As a robust coding language, it allows developers to build games for various platforms, including the Metaverse. 

When it comes to developing games, C# and C++ are two top languages, but Java is a great choice if you want to learn graphics and game development from scratch. 

Aside from game development, Java is used to build VR experiences and has a community of virtual reality developers.


This general-purpose language is developed to improve the performance and security of applications built with it. It is ideal for blockchain development, cybersecurity programs and building internet browsers. 

Rust gives you the toolkits to develop blockchain-specific programs in the Metaverse, and it is becoming the preferred language for blockchain ecosystems like Solana. Using Rust as your main programming language in the Solana blockchain means taking full advantage of products like Web3 games, NFTs, etc.


Solidity is another programming language specifically designed for developing smart contracts and the Ethereum blockchain platform. Developers can use it to create smart contracts that implement business logic to generate a chain of transaction records in the blockchain system. 

This makes it useful for programming cryptocurrency in the Metaverse because it is used on most blockchain platforms. 

Solidity is still one of the best languages the Metaverse programmers can learn because it is the most favoured language for programming VR and smart contracts.

It also allows for programming on Ethereum Layer-2s like Arbitrum, Polygon, Looping, Optimism, etc., and for private blockchain infrastructure projects like Hyperledger.


Golang, also known as Go, is a simple, high-performing, open-source, statically typed and compiled language developed by Google. Also, it is a great language for programming fast and efficient blockchain systems. 

Go has other features that enhance performance, like generics, classes and inheritance, annotations, constructors, etc. Aside from its use in blockchain development, Go is used in server-side, cloud-based programming, and game development.


This new blockchain programming language is useful in creating a cryptocurrency for Metaverse. Vyper is a contract-oriented language that targets the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

It was created as an alternative to Solidity to improve the security and readability of the code. If you want to develop crypto for the Metaverse, you should check out this language.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Which Language Is Best for Metaverse?

Java is one of the best coding languages that enables programmers to develop games and Android apps for every platform and the Metaverse. Aside from Java, programmers can use C# and C++ along with Unity and Unreal Engine to create VR/AR experiences and games for Metaverse. 

Which Programming Language Is Best for Crypto?

C++ is the best language for blockchain and cryptocurrency development. It follows the object-oriented programming method and is used to develop cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ripple, Stellar, and EOS. Aside from C++, other languages for crypto programming are Solidity, Vyper, Golang, Rust, etc. 

What Language Should I Learn for the Metaverse?

To be a Metaverse programmer, you must have the skills to create a digital world with which users can interact. Since the Metaverse has various spaces with different experiences, you need to know how to use programming languages like C#, C++, and Java to build applications, games, and AR/VR experiences. 

What Languages Are Used at Meta?

At Meta, developers can use various coding languages for various platforms and use cases. Metaverse server-side languages are C++, Python, Rust and Hack, while C++ and Rust are used for performance-sensitive services. For developing blockchain, developers need languages like Solidity, Golang, Vyper, etc.