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Top 10 Mobile App Development Outsourcing Companies

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What is the best mobile app development outsourcing company? While an expert app developer will answer the question easily, it might not be the same for startup founders or CTOs that have never engaged an app development company. 

Finding a trustworthy mobile app development outsourcing company requires more than a casual internet search because it requires considerable thought. 

At Deazy, we understand how hard it is for startups to find the best company to build their application. We have written this article to feature the top ten mobile app development outsourcing companies. Also, this article explains how to choose an app development company. 

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Why Outsource Mobile App Development 

Although the benefits of outsourcing app development were recognised long ago, it was only recently that outsourcing gained a bigger momentum among businesses. 

Below are some reasons you should outsource mobile app development. 

To find affordable development services.

One reason startups outsource their mobile app development project is to find cost-effective software development. 

It is no news that app developers from the Eastern Europe IT hubs in countries like Ukraine, Poland and Estonia charge less than those in countries like the United States of America, the UK or Western Europe. 

For example, if you outsource mobile application development to an experienced programmer in the US, you will be charged between $100 and $135 per hour. Outsourcing developers in Western Europe will cost you between $75 and $100 per hour. 

However, if you decide to outsource application development to developers from Eastern Europe, you will pay between $25 and $40 per hour, less than in Western Europe and America. 

Affordable app development services will enable startups to get the best quality software while saving money that will be invested in other essential parts of the business. 

Outsourcing app development provides flexibility.

Businesses want flexibility when they hire app developers from an outsourced team. They want to hire devs according to their development needs. 

Most mobile application outsourcing companies have flexible hiring models that make it easy for businesses to hire programmers when and how they like. So, outsourcing is the best option for you if you want flexibility when developing your mobile app. 

Outsourcing gives access to a large pool of professionals. 

If you have a skill shortage in your location, outsourcing is the only way to develop your mobile application. When you outsource, you will find many specialists across tech stacks. And the good thing about that is that you can find app developers with rare skills like AI, machine learning and virtual reality. 

Top Ten App Development Companies 

We have gathered a list of the ten best mobile app development outsourcing companies you can hire to build your software. 


Deazy is different from the regular mobile app development companies you know because it offers more than just app development. It is a full-service development company with strategy, creativity and technology at heart.

Deazy makes it easy for startups and large businesses to find and hire experienced, vetted app devs with skills across tech stacks. 

Unlike other software development companies, you can quickly get all the skills you need and launch a market-ready product that meets your business needs. 

You can find nearshore mobile app developers or build a dev squad from a vetted team in a nearby country. 

Aside from that, Deazy offers flexible engagement models that are made to suit your project requirements. 

Technologies include Java, Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, React Native, Android Studio, Flutter and Firebase. Get in touch with our experts today to learn more about what we can do for you. 


Intellectsoft is a digital transformation consultancy company that delivers cutting-edge solutions for tech startups and global organisations. Services covered include Android, iOS and Windows app development. 

They make it easy for startups and businesses of all sizes to hire app developers to build mobile applications. Industries covered include construction, healthcare, retail and e-commerce, fintech, travel and hospitality, and insurance. 

Technologies include Java, Swift, Kotlin, C#, C++ and React Native. 

PowerGate Software

PowerGate Software is a development company with over ten years of experience building software for clients across industries. 

It has over 200 completed projects worldwide, with a more than 96% satisfaction rate. 

Industries covered include healthcare, e-commerce and retail, IoT, real estate, social networks, fintech and education. 

Technologies include iOS, Android, Java, Google Cloud, Azure, DevOps and cross-platform mobile apps.  


OpenXcell was founded in 2009 and, since then, has been a leading IT consulting agency known for innovative digital solutions. They have offices in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, India and Australia. 

They have helped businesses in different industries, including healthcare, retail and insurance, to develop apps using the unrivalled experience of their highly qualified dev team. 

Technologies used include Java, ReactJS, Flutter, React Native, Kotlin, Swift, .Net, C++ and C#.


This software development agency has been helping clients worldwide reach their goals since it was created in 2011. 

Cleveroad is located in Ukraine, the USA and Norway, making it easy for companies to hire nearshore or offshore developers as they wish. 

Their multi-industry expertise and customer-oriented approach help clients get the best digital product that fits their needs. 

Industries covered include healthcare, e-commerce, fintech, blockchain, banking and finance, insurance, warehouse tech, education and booking platform. 

Technologies used by Cleveroad devs include iOS, Swift, Kotlin, Java, Android Studio, React Native and Flutter. 


Uptech is a software development company that builds mobile applications for businesses in different industries. They have helped firms on the Fortune 500 list and tech startups find expert programmers to build software. 

Uptech has been developing applications for businesses for more than seven years and has delivered over 150 products to clients in 12 countries. 

Industries covered are fintech, healthcare, retail and e-commerce, and delivery. Technologies used include Java, Kotlin, Swift, Dart and Google Cloud.


Altoros is an IT outsourcing company that provides mobile app development services for businesses of all sizes. It has development centres in Poland, Finland, Argentina, Moldova, Canada, Ireland and Turkey. 

As a software development company, Altoros helps deliver fully managed solutions based on Java, .NET, Android and iOS. Industries covered include fintech, healthcare, construction, IoT, travel and hospitality, insurance and sport. 

Technologies include Java, Android, iOS, Kotlin, Xamarin, Swift, Objective-C and React Native.

Light IT Global 

Light IT Global was founded in Ukraine in 2006 and has become a hub of enthusiastic developers, designers, project managers and business analysts. It specialises in developing custom software solutions to resolve specific business problems. 

Light IT Global services clients in different industries, including healthcare, banking and finance, education, media and advertisement, travel and transportation, and retail. Technologies include Swift, Java, React Native, Ionic and iOS SDK. 

Binary Studio

Binary Studio was founded in 2005 with just two programmers and has become one of the best IT outsourcing companies in Lviv, Ukraine. 

It has partnered with companies worldwide to provide top-notch mobile application development services at all stages of the app development cycle. 

Technologies used include React Native, Flutter, Java, Android, iOS, Symfony, PHP and .NET. 


MetaProject is a software development company with a well-established workflow to deliver software products on time and within budget. They provide full-cycle development services, from idea validation to project management and delivery. 

MetaProject has created and delivered over 80 projects in industries including finance, logistics, entertainment and e-commerce. Technologies used include Swift, Objective-C, iOS, Android, Java and Kotlin.

How to Choose an App Development Outsourcing Company

Choosing an app development company requires careful planning. Here are some things companies should consider before they settle for a mobile development agency of their choice.


Where you outsource app developers matters because it determines how much you pay and whether you can collaborate with the developers in real-time. 

Businesses that want to cut costs can outsource to countries in Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America. 

The reason is that developers in those countries charge far less than those in high-income countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany or France. 

For example, app developers in Eastern Europe will charge you between $25 and $50 per hour, while those in the US or UK will charge between $100 and $150. These hourly rate differences allow businesses to find expert programmers and build budget-friendly mobile applications. 

Another reason to consider the location is if you want to outsource app developers near you or in a faraway country. Location-wise, there are three kinds of app outsourcing models. They are:

  • Onshore. In onshore app development outsourcing, you will hire programmers from within your country. Although the app devs will work remotely, you are within the same time zone. This means that your work hours and the developers are the same, so you can collaborate easily with them when you want. An example of onshore outsourcing is when a company in New York, USA, hires devs from Texas.
  • Offshore. In offshore outsourcing, you will outsource programmers in a country that is far away, usually in a different time zone. Offshore app development is for businesses that don't mind the distance but want to save money by hiring expert talents from low-income countries. An example is a business in the UK that hires app developers in the Philippines. The setback of offshore outsourcing is the distance that makes it difficult to collaborate in real time. 
  • Nearshore. Nearshore outsourcing is the best of the three because you can hire app developers from a nearby country who work at budget-friendly rates and collaborate with them in real time. An example of nearshore app development is when a company in the US hires developers from Mexico. Since Mexico and the United States have different living costs, the firm will pay less for the services. Also, since Mexico and the US have the same time zone, they can work faster because they can communicate and collaborate easily. 


Another thing to consider when choosing a mobile app development outsourcing company is technical skills. Technical skills are the expertise required to perform specific tasks during app development. 

You should ensure the app developers have the skills to develop a fully functional mobile app for your business. Some technical skills an app development agency must have are: 

  • Knowledge of Java and Kotlin. Java and Kotlin are two popular coding languages used to build Android apps. If you want to outsource Android developers, ensure they have a solid knowledge of the latest versions and their syntaxes. 
  • Good sense of UI/UX. Knowledge of user-interface design is necessary when developing a mobile app. That is why you should outsource your app development project to an agency with UI and UX designers as part of their team. 
  • Knowledge of Swift or Objective-C. If you want to outsource iOS developers, you should ensure they have a solid knowledge of Swift or Objective-C. Aside from that, iOS programmers should be able to write clean code that is easy to debug. 
  • Sound understanding of business. Mobile applications are not developed for fun. Businesses launch apps to make money. That is why the app development agency you outsource your project must have a sound knowledge of your business industry to make an app that meets your customers' needs. 
  • Software testing. After developing the mobile app, the developers must test it to ensure it works as intended. That is why an outsourced app development team must be able to test the software. 
  • Cloud infrastructure. Cloud storage is an important part of mobile app development, so the team should be skilled in using technologies like Amazon Web Services, Azure or Google Cloud.  
  • Communication. The app development team must communicate progress; if there are setbacks, they should be able to communicate to solve issues affecting the development process. 


Reviews give you a better insight into the mobile app development company you want to outsource your project. So, ensure you check reviews left by their clients. 

Instead of reading the reviews directly from their website, it is better to read those on independent review platforms like Clutch or Trustpilot. 

Also, if possible, try to verify the accuracy of the reviews or contact the clients to get more information about their work culture. 

Pricing Model 

Another thing to consider when outsourcing your app development project is the pricing model. There are two types of pricing models you can use if you outsource your app development project. 

  • Time and materials. In the time and materials model, you pay the app development team for hours spent and resources used to develop your mobile application. This model works best if you have a large and complex project and cannot estimate the hours required to develop it. Also, it is flexible because you can easily scale the project whenever you like. 
  • Fixed price. In the fixed price model, you pay the developers a fixed amount to build your mobile application. This pricing model makes it easy to know how much you will pay and set a budget at the start of the project. But the setback is that it is not flexible. You can't add more features to the project easily, like the time and materials model. 

What Is the Cost to Outsource App Development?

The cost of outsourcing your app development project varies depending on several factors. They are:

Geographic location

Where you outsource app development matters, so you should carefully choose the location if you want to save money. 

Outsourcing to countries in Eastern Europe, Asia or Latin America is one way to save money compared to hiring developers in Western Europe, the United States or the UK. 

App devs in low-income countries will charge between $25 and $50 per hour, while those in high-income countries will charge between $100 and $150 depending on the seniority level. 

App type and complexity

The complexity of your mobile application also affects the cost of development. 

A simple mobile app will take around 300 hours to build. For example, if you outsource from Eastern Europe and pay $30 per hour, the development cost will be 300 multiplied by $30 totalling $9000. 

If your app development project is complex and requires 1000 hours, you will pay more than a simple app. 


How fast you want the mobile app also affects the price. If you want the development company to build your app within the shortest time possible, they will assign more programmers to work on your project, costing you more money. 

Outsource to the Best Mobile App Development Company 

Are you ready to outsource your mobile app development project?

At Deazy, we help businesses build a ready-to-market software product that meets their needs. 

Aside from that, our flexible hiring model makes it easy for you to find expert app devs across tech stacks and scale your project when you want. 

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Businesses outsource app development to find affordable services and access the global talent pool. Before settling for an app development company, you must consider the technical expertise, pricing models, location and reviews. 

And remember that where you outsource your project affects how much it costs to develop it. Other factors that affect the cost of building your app are your project complexity and how fast you want it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find the best mobile app development company?

To find the best mobile application development company, you should define your project requirements, check reviews and portfolios, consider their hiring model and location, and conduct technical interviews before you sign a contract. 

Is it better to outsource app development?

Outsourcing mobile app development is a cost-effective way to build your software. Aside from that, you can find expert programmers with skills across tech stacks in other locations worldwide. Also, if you want to develop your app faster, outsourcing is the best option for you. 

How much does it cost to outsource an app?

Several factors contribute to the cost of outsourcing mobile apps. They include expertise, platform, project size and complexity, skill set and team size.