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Behind the Scenes

Get to Know: The Deazy Platform

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The Deazy platform is our own bespoke system we use to manage and oversee all our projects and highly skilled delivery teams. The system, which was built from scratch using our own development ecosystem, and in-house Product and Design team, is used to help aid our teams in a number of day-to-day processes. These include parts of vetting of new teams, project organisation and tracking, financial estimations, and contract creation. The platform also allows our teams to oversee all aspects of retained team and individual project engagements.

You can learn a little more about it below!

What is the platform used for? 

The Deazy platform supports the successful delivery of projects in a number of different ways, including:

  • Intelligent matching: Using our platform's database of knowledge about each of our delivery teams, Deazy delivery experts are able to find the best match for each new client project. The platform helps our team intelligently match suitable delivery teams, based on best fit for tech, culture and experience.
  • Single Source of Truth: By having a single place where all information about every project and team is stored, our teams are able to keep track of everything more effectively. This includes keeping track of project briefs provided by clients, proposals submitted by development teams as well as admin such as financial information and contracts.
  • Day-to-day Project Management: Many of the small tasks we complete day-to-day are automated through the Deazy platform. Tasks such as looking through delivery team proposals, creating statements of works and viewing and updating invoice information are all done through our internal system. These tools allow our commercial team to work more effectively and efficiently.
  • Showcasing Dev Talent: One of the newest features our team has added to the Deazy platform is the creation of developer profiles. This feature brings our recommended developers to life, with video interviews, easy to digest CVs and more.
  • Project and retainer oversight: Our multitude of engagement models, including retained teams, individual project delivery and in-house team augmentation, can all be seamlessly managed through the Deazy platform. This means, regardless of engagement type, your projects will be managed with ease. 

Who uses the platform and who benefits from it?

The Deazy platform is currently being used by our internal team and delivery teams, but as it enables more effective project management and delivery-it benefits all stakeholders. The Platform ensures our clients always get the best-matched developers, quickly. Furthermore, it helps the Deazy team centralise everything, keeping projects in one place from start to finish, and streamlines processes to maximise speed and efficiency. 

The system also allows us to maintain transparency and build trusting relationships with both our clients and delivery teams by making sure each step of project bidding, onboarding and delivery are accessible to everyone. 

What does the future of the Deazy platform look like? 

The Deazy platform is continuously being developed, updated and tweaked to best suit the needs of our internal team, development teams and client experience

We are always working on exciting things behind the scenes, but here are just a few of them you can expect to see in the coming months:

  • Dev Profiles 2.0: An updated version of developers profiles which will help improve our clients’ ability to see developers and really understand the quality they will bring
  • Guest access to the platform: This will allow our new clients and potential clients to see individual developers within our ecosystem who are available to work now and in the future
  • Sharing case studies: Development teams will be able to share specific case studies about projects they have completed, which will allow our clients to get even more information about developers and experience before onboarding them for a new project. 

If you want to learn more about our platform, feel free to book a call with our team here!