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When Your Company Needs an Outsourced Team

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Making the decision to outsource IT services can be a significant turning point for your organisation. This blog post offers a comprehensive guide, shedding light on the crucial timing of such a move. We'll unpack the potential benefits, risks, and key concerns, empowering you to make an informed decision that supports your company's strategic goals. Whether you're a burgeoning start-up or a well-established enterprise, understanding when to hire an external provider can profoundly influence your operational efficiency and financial performance. Let's explore this further. 

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What Is IT Outsourcing?

This is the practice of hiring external service providers to manage a company's information technology functions, including infrastructure, software development, support, and maintenance.

Benefits of IT Outsourcing 

Below are some of the benefits of engaging an external team.

  1. Cost efficiency: One of the most significant benefits of engaging an external service provider is cost reduction. Maintaining an in-house IT department can be expensive due to costs associated with hiring, training, retaining staff and purchasing and upgrading technology. By outsourcing, companies can save money without compromising the quality of the services.
  2. Access to global talent and advanced technologies: It provides firms with access to a vast pool of diverse talent and cutting-edge technologies. Most providers specialise in various areas of technology and stay updated with the latest advancements, ensuring that their clients receive top-notch services. This can benefit small to medium-sized enterprises that may not have the resources to attract such talent or invest in the latest technologies.
  3. Focus on core business: Another benefit is that it allows firms to concentrate on their core functions. Instead of spending time and resources managing IT-related tasks, enterprises can focus on what they do best, whether it's product development, marketing, or customer service. This can lead to increased productivity and efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.
  4. Scalability: Engaging an external team offers a high degree of flexibility, enabling businesses to scale their IT services according to their needs. Whether a company is growing rapidly and needs additional support or experiencing a slow period and needs to cut back, outsourcing allows for easy adjustment of IT services. This scalability can be crucial for managing costs and maintaining efficiency during periods of change.

10 Signs Your Company Needs to Outsource IT Operations 

1. IT Negatively Affects Business Operations

IT is a critical component of modern businesses, enabling smooth operations, efficient communication, and data management. However, it can detract from your primary business objectives when it starts consuming a significant amount of time and resources.

Outsourcing can be a strategic solution to this problem because it allows you to gain access to a squad of professionals with a diverse range of skills and expertise. These experts can handle your needs, from troubleshooting issues to implementing new technologies, allowing you to focus on your core business operations. 

Moreover, an external IT team can provide:

  • Round-the-clock support
  • A guarantee that any issues are promptly addressed
  • Minimal downtime and disruption to your operations.

This level of support can be challenging to achieve with an in-house team, particularly for small to medium-sized businesses.

2. You Have Skills Gaps

As your company experiences growth, the demand for IT services often increases. However, scaling up your in-house team might not always be feasible or cost-effective, especially if the change is rapid or unpredictable. In such situations, it can provide a practical solution, enabling you to access the necessary services without the commitment of hiring full-time staff.

Aside from that, it allows you to access a wide range of skills on a project-by-project basis, ensuring you have the right talent for each specific task. In essence, engaging an external team provides a flexible, scalable solution to address skills gaps within your company and allows you to adapt quickly to changing demands.

3. IT Is Not Your Business's Core Competence

When IT is not a central part of your company's core competencies, outsourcing can be a strategic move. Core competencies are the unique strengths and abilities that set a firm apart from its competitors. If IT does not fall within this realm for your business, managing it in-house may divert valuable resources away from areas where you could be building a competitive advantage.

Hiring an external dev team in such cases can lead to better quality service at a lower cost. Since IT service providers are specialists in their field, they can bring higher quality services than what might be achievable in-house, especially for firms where IT is not a priority.

4. When Time to Market Becomes a Critical Factor

In the fast-paced business world, getting your product or service to market quickly can give you a competitive edge. Hiring an external team can be an effective solution if your company lacks in-house expertise, particularly when facing a tight deadline.

This is because IT service providers have the resources and expertise to quickly scale up operations, enabling them to handle large projects within tight deadlines. Aside from that, they are equipped with the latest tools and technologies and have streamlined processes in place to ensure efficient task completion.

Moreover, outsourcing can alleviate the pressure on your in-house team, freeing them to focus on their core responsibilities. This can improve productivity and confidence, further enhancing your company's performance.

5. When Your Project Demands Specialised Expertise

Certain projects may require niche or specialised expertise, such as mobile development or artificial intelligence. If these skills are not readily available within your in-house IT team, engaging an external agency can be an effective solution.

Outsourcing companies often have a broad range of expertise across various domains. They are ahead of the latest tech advancements and can provide the specialised skills to complete your project successfully. This can ensure high-quality results without the need to invest in extensive training or recruitment.

What IT Services Can I Outsource?

  • Custom software development: Outsourcing allows companies to tap into a pool of experts who can create tailored software solutions, mobile applications, and websites using the latest technologies.
  • Round-the-clock IT support: Troubleshooting IT issues, maintaining hardware and software, and providing user support can be efficiently managed by an external agency offering 24/7 service.
  • Efficient cloud services: From cloud migration and management to support, outsourcing can help businesses leverage the cloud's benefits while mitigating associated risks.
  • Robust cybersecurity: Companies can enhance their protection against cyber threats by contracting out to an external IT service provider with strong security measures.
  • Secure data management: It can ensure effective and safe data management, including storage, backup, recovery, and analysis.
  • Reliable network management: Network setup, monitoring, and management can be securely handled by an external team, ensuring network reliability.
  • Strategic IT consultancy: External consultants can give companies strategic advice on leveraging IT to achieve business objectives.

Outsource IT Services to Deazy 

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When you outsource IT operations to us, you get the following:

  • Specialist talent: Our platform provides access to a diverse pool of tech experts, extending your team's capabilities and allowing you to easily tackle complex projects.
  • Guaranteed delivery: We ensure timely and quality delivery of projects. Our developers adhere to strict deadlines, ensuring your projects are completed on time and to your satisfaction.
  • Scalability: You can easily scale your team up or down based on your project requirements. This flexibility allows you to manage resources efficiently and respond to changing demands swiftly.
  • Certified experts: Our developers are certified experts in their respective fields. They have the skills to offer high-quality IT solutions that meet your needs.
  • Devs that match your time zone and culture: We ensure that our professionals are in the same time zone as your business and align with your company culture for seamless collaboration.

How to get started 

  1. Book a call with us: Reach out to us to schedule a call. We're here to understand your needs and answer any questions you may have.
  2. Review handpicked devs: We'll provide you with a selection of handpicked devs that match your project requirements for you to review.
  3. Brief and start building: Once you've chosen your developers, brief them on your project and start building your dream team.


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Outsourcing IT services is a strategic decision that can significantly impact a company's operational efficiency, cost management, and overall business growth. The decision should be based on a thorough review of the company's IT needs, budget, and strategic goals. Key indicators such as a growth and skills gap, IT negatively affecting business operations, or projects requiring niche expertise can signal the need to outsource IT services. Finally, understanding when to outsource IT services can help firms focus on their core competencies, access global talent, manage risks, and stay competitive in today's dynamic business environment. It's about making the right choice at the right time.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do companies outsource IT services?

Businesses often outsource to reduce operational costs, access global talent and advanced technologies, focus on their core competencies, and manage IT-related risks effectively.

What does it mean to outsource IT services?

It refers to the practice of hiring external service providers to manage a company's IT functions, which can include infrastructure, software development, support, and maintenance.

How do you know when it is time to outsource?

Signs that it might be time to outsource include when IT negatively affects business operations, there's a growth and skills gap, or when a project requires niche expertise that isn't available in-house.