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Vue JS Experts: Best Practices for Scalable Vue Project

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If you are planning to hire Vue.js developers, you no doubt want the best in your team. However, the issue is that more businesses are adopting Vue.js, so you are not the only one looking to engage qualified programmers. This means that you have to compete with other firms to attract top-tier talent. 

The challenge here lies not only in finding candidates with suitable technical skills but also in those who fit your company culture and contribute effectively to ongoing projects. Aside from that, companies often grapple with the complexities of the whole process and end up with low-grade experts. 

So, as a business, how will you ensure that you hire the right skills despite the high competition? 

This article offers a comprehensive guide on hiring Vue.js experts. We'll explore the best practices to streamline the recruitment process, from crafting precise job descriptions to conducting effective technical interviews, ensuring you secure the right talent efficiently and effectively.


Things to Consider Before Hiring Vue.js Developers 

Before bringing a programmer on board, it’s important to evaluate several key factors to ensure they align well with your project’s goals and team dynamics.

What are your project requirements?

Start by evaluating your project goals, scope, and technical requirements. Also, you have to identify the core problem your web application aims to solve along with the expected outcomes. 

This clarity helps in communicating the project's purpose and the impact you anticipate to potential developers. For instance, if you're creating an e-commerce platform, your goal might be to enhance user experience and increase sales conversions through a fast, responsive interface.

Aside from goals, you should assess the size of the application, whether it's a small-scale tool intended for internal use or a comprehensive enterprise-level system designed for heavy user traffic. Also, consider if the task needs both front and backend development. This will help you understand if you need to find full-stack developers for the project and define the level of expertise and resources required. 

Additionally, consider the need for real-time updates, data manipulation capabilities, and integration with third-party APIs. For example, a real-time chat application will require robust, dynamic data handling to ensure seamless user interactions.

Furthermore, you should define specifications clearly. It is essential to outline the deliverables, timelines, and budget. Providing a detailed specification document can help potential Vue.js experts understand the breadth and depth of the project and facilitate a more accurate assessment of whether they can meet your demands.

For instance, specifying that the tasks must incorporate multi-language support and must be completed within three months helps set clear expectations. It will attract experts who are confident in meeting these specific requirements. This will help you set a clear roadmap for the development phase, reducing the likelihood of miscommunication and ensuring that your project objectives are met efficiently.

What technical and software skills are needed for your project?

Vue.js, being a progressive JavaScript framework, requires a specific skill set to effectively build interactive and modern web interfaces. 



Knowledge about Vue

A proficient developer should have a comprehensive understanding of Vue.js fundamentals, including its core concepts and ecosystem, such as Vuex for state management and Vue Router for routing.

Basics and modern JavaScript

They need a strong foundation in JavaScript, including ES6+ features like modules, arrow functions, destructuring, and promises, which are essential for efficient coding.

Debugging and performance optimisation

The ability to identify and fix bugs efficiently, as well as optimise applications for speed and responsiveness, is vital for any development project. 


Knowledge of Git for version control is essential, enabling programmers to manage and collaborate on code effectively without risking project integrity.

Npm or Yarn

Proficiency with package managers like npm or Yarn is important for managing project dependencies and ensuring consistent environments across development teams.


Strong skills in front-end languages are necessary to implement the visual design of web applications accurately, ensuring they are both functional and appealing.

Rendering methods

Understanding different rendering methods, such as server-side rendering (SSR) and client-side rendering, can greatly impact the performance and SEO of applications.


Familiarity with the Vue CLI allows experts to streamline their development process with scaffolding tools, plugins, and preset configurations.

Writing robust and secure code

Programmers must be able to write secure code that defends against common security vulnerabilities and ensures data integrity and privacy.

Software testing

Skills in automated testing frameworks such as Jest or Mocha are crucial to maintaining the stability and reliability of the application through unit and integration tests.


They should be able to integrate and maintain RESTful services, understanding both the consumption of APIs and potential backend constraints that affect front-end logic.

Communication skills

Effective communication skills are essential for programmers to articulate issues, share progress, and explain technical details to non-technical stakeholders.

Problem-solving skills

Strong problem-solving skills enable potential candidates to address unexpected challenges during development and find effective and efficient solutions.

Collaboration skills

The ability to collaborate with other professionals, including designers and product managers, is critical to ensuring the successful integration of all project components.

What level of experience do you require for your project? 

Selecting developers based on their experience should align with the task complexity and timeline. This is because skilled programmers can accelerate project delivery and enhance solution quality, while less experienced ones may benefit from a learning-focused project environment. 

Hence, you have to understand the distinctions between senior, mid-level and junior developers to guide your hiring process effectively.

More specifically, senior programmers bring extensive expertise and a deep understanding of not only Vue.js but also associated technologies and frameworks. They are adept at solving complex problems and can lead projects, ensuring high-quality outcomes. Their strategic insights and ability to mentor junior programmers add immense value to any project.

Mid-level programmers have a solid grasp of Vue.js and can handle most tasks independently since they are in the process of refining their skills. They strike a balance between needing oversight and contributing significantly to projects, making them a versatile choice for many teams.

Junior developers, while less skilled, are eager to learn and can handle basic coding tasks. They require more supervision and guidance but offer the benefit of fresh perspectives and adaptability. Hiring them can be a cost-effective strategy, particularly for projects with flexible timelines that allow for on-the-job growth.

While most organisations will opt for junior developers to save costs, it is always a good practice to first consider engaging senior programmers or mid-level experts for quality software. 

How much do you plan to spend on the project?

Determining how much you are willing to invest not only helps in setting realistic expectations but also in negotiating salaries or contracts with potential hires. Your budget will largely influence the level of expertise and experience you can afford. This is because senior developers will charge more than those with less experience.

Therefore, balance your financial allocation with the complexity and scale of the work required. If your project demands advanced features or integration complexities, you may need to consider allocating more funds to secure programmers who can deliver high-quality work.

Furthermore, understanding market rates for programmers in your region can aid in setting a competitive yet reasonable budget. This insight ensures that your offer is attractive enough to entice skilled candidates whilst also aligning with your financial constraints and project goals.

What hiring model do you prefer? 

This decision influences how the project is managed, the level of control you have, and the overall cost.

One common model is the project-based approach, where you agree on specific deliverables, timelines, and payment terms upfront. It is ideal if your requirements are clear and unlikely to change, providing a straightforward way to budget and plan.

Alternatively, you might opt for a dedicated team model. This arrangement involves engaging programmers who will work exclusively on your project, offering a higher degree of flexibility and integration with your existing team. It is particularly beneficial for long-term projects requiring ongoing work and adaptability.

Time and material contracts are another option, where you pay for the time spent by programmers based on an hourly or daily rate. This option offers maximum flexibility to modify the project scope and is well-suited to projects where requirements are expected to evolve.

Carefully consider these factors to ensure the model you select aligns with your strategic goals and project requirements.

Where do you plan to hire Vue.js developers from? 

The location from which you'll engage programmers can significantly impact various aspects of your project, such as communication, costs, and timelines. There are four location-based models, each with its advantages. 

The first is in-house hiring, a practice that involves recruiting experts who will work within your organisation's premises. This method facilitates direct communication and immediate oversight but can be more costly due to higher salaries and overhead expenses such as workspace and equipment.

Another option is onshore outsourcing. With this approach, companies can recruit programmers from within the same country. This method maintains cultural alignment and simplifies legal and logistical issues, but costs can still be relatively high.

Offshore hiring refers to employing programmers from countries, often with a significant time difference. It is usually more cost-effective and offers a larger talent pool; however, it may pose challenges in terms of time zone distinctions and communication barriers.

Nearshore outsourcing balance onshore and offshore. It involves engaging Vue.js from neighbouring countries. This setup typically offers a good balance by reducing costs while still maintaining easier communication and more aligned working hours compared to offshore options.

So, depending on your project's specific needs, budget, and timeline, you can choose an approach that best suits your business operations. 


Hiring Vue.js developers

Now that you know what to consider before engaging Vue.js experts, let's proceed to the steps on how to hire top developers

1. Write an appealing job description

Crafting a clear job description is essential to attract skilled developers. It should not only detail the technical requirements but also highlight what makes your project unique and exciting. You can begin by clearly outlining your objectives and pinpointing the challenges it presents and the growth opportunities it offers. 

This is necessary because programmers are typically drawn to roles that will enhance their skills and involve them in meaningful work.

Aside from that, you can emphasise any state-of-the-art technologies or frameworks that your task employs, as most programmers often seek opportunities to work with the latest tools, and highlighting this can make your role stand out. Additionally, describe your company's culture, values, and mission to let them know that they can thrive in your organisation.

2. Find Vue.js developers

Here are several proven methods and expert tips to help you locate the very best talent.



Online Job Boards and Platforms

Websites like LinkedIn, Stack Overflow Jobs, and AngelList are excellent resources, boasting a vast pool of experts actively seeking new opportunities. Using advanced search filters, you can narrow down your options to match your project's requirements.

From Your Network

Networking remains a powerful tool for connecting with experts. Participate in developer communities and attend relevant tech conferences to broaden your professional network. This provides access to a range of professionals and potential referrals.

Leverage Recruitment Agencies and IT Outsourcing Services

Consider using recruitment agencies or IT outsourcing companies to find your dream team. Firms specialising in IT outsourcing offer a broad network of skilled professionals, often with niche expertise in Vue.js, streamlining your hiring process.

3. Evaluate their skills and portfolio 

Since you know the technical skills required, you should ensure the programmers are proficient in using them. One way to do that is by looking at their portfolio. A strong portfolio showcases a variety of projects that highlight the candidate’s ability to solve problems and innovate within the Vue.js framework. 

Look for tasks that demonstrate clean, efficient code, as well as those that incorporate advanced features such as dynamic user interfaces and integration with backend services. This will give you insights into the prospect’s proficiency and style, helping you gauge how well they align with your project’s requirements. 

Also, the complexity of the tasks in their portfolio should be considered when assessing their experience level. Programmers who have worked on intricate projects and have contributed to all phases of development are likely to adapt quickly and efficiently to your team’s workflows. 

4. Interview the developers

Interviews enable you to clarify details on a candidate's application, in addition to asking technical questions to assess how the candidate has managed specific situations previously. It is essential to structure the process meticulously to evaluate both their technical prowess and their ability to integrate into your team. 

The interview should ideally be divided into sections that assess coding skills, problem-solving abilities, and understanding of Vue.js-specific paradigms. You can use questions to probe the depth of their knowledge and experience. 

Some sample questions to ask potential candidates are: 

  1. Could you delineate the lifecycle of Vue.js along with its distinct phases?
  2. What are Vue.js components?
  3. How is state management conducted in Vue.js?
  4. What are mixins, and in what ways have you used them?
  5. Could you distinguish between computed properties and watchers?
  6. What is the Vue CLI, and what makes it beneficial?
  7. How do you manage form input bindings in Vue.js?
  8. What constitutes filters in Vue.js, and how are they implemented?
  9. What is the function of directives in Vue.js?
  10. How do you maintain the security of your application?

These questions should help you gauge the technical abilities of the candidate. 

5. Finalise the hire with a contract

Once you've selected your ideal Vue.js developer, the next step is to solidify the agreement through a contract. Having a legally binding contract not only formalises the employment relationship but also ensures that both parties adhere to their commitments, providing a clear reference in case of any disputes. 

The document should detail the scope of work, timelines, payment terms, and any confidentiality clauses to protect your intellectual property. It's crucial to specify the programmer's responsibilities and the project milestones. Also, provisions for any revisions or unforeseen changes in the project should be incorporated. 


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When looking to hire Vue.js experts, it is crucial to have a comprehensive strategy in place that considers your project requirements, engagement models, and technical skills. Additionally, it is essential to evaluate the candidate's ability to integrate with your team's culture and values through interviews. 

Hence, by investing time in creating a thorough hiring process, you can attract skilled professionals who can help drive your projects towards success. Also, remember that collaborating with specialised software development outsourcing agencies like Deazy can help streamline the hiring process and find competent programmers.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Vue.js still popular?

Yes, Vue.js remains popular among programmers for its simplicity and flexibility. It's favoured in projects requiring quick development and lightweight applications, maintaining a strong community and regular updates.

Do companies use Vue.js?

Numerous companies, from startups to large enterprises, use it for its efficiency and ease of integration with modern technologies. It's especially popular in tech and media industries for building user interfaces.

Which soft skills should a developer have to use Vue.js?

Programmers should have strong problem-solving skills, effective communication, adaptability to new technologies, and the ability to work collaboratively in fast-paced environments to maximise the framework's benefits.